Teach your Children their Culture, History and Heritage.

Awareness of one’s culture plays a very important role in a child’s development. Building an appreciation for history is one way to help kids understand and connect with the world around them. History not only shows how people lived long ago, but it also gives clues about how society evolved into what it is today.

Most parents fail to educate their children about their culture and heritage and go on to regret it later. 

By educationg our children about their history and culture helps build their identity, creats unique memories and protects culture and heritage. 

Historical literature - If your child has an interest in a particular topic, consider starting with an age-appropriate non-fiction book that gives a high-level perspective of the topic.

Movies or theater - There are hundreds of options for historically themed movies and theatrical. Make your children to watch those movies and take them to historical theaterical shows.

Virtual tours - Another way to look at history is through visiting historical destinations with cultural significance. Travel isn't always practical, but you can go nearly anywhere in the world with a virtual tour where you can move around sites and monuments to see the details up close. Here you can find the information about the Famous Monuments of India in ekdali India Map with Monuments.

Cultural events - Events that celebrate cultural heritage provide a unique look at history and the way it influences modern times. These celebrations often include a well-rounded sampling of everything from traditions to culinary and artistic styles. 

States of India - Flash cards are availble to teach our kids about the States of India, Famous Monuments of India, Culture and Festivals. This is one of the great way for a parent to build conversation. By this can reduce the screen time of a children.

Check out Creative Brain Flash Cards for Kids here.

India Flash Cards  

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