Two Stem Short Stories For Kids

Two Short Stories for Kids on  STEM topics

Story 1: The Story of Varuna the Water Droplet - A short story to explain Water Cycle

Hi my name is Varuna, and I’m a water drop. I live in a white and fluffy cloud with my brother and sister  - Rohini and Mutthu. We all woke up this morning feeling heavy. We looked at each other and we knew, the water cycle journey was about to begin.

A new adventure was about to begin. Looking across at our neighboring clouds we realize that precipitation was about to start. We all heard our father call out “group together, hold hands, here we go!”

The fall has begun, we fall freely with a wind on our face. I keep wondering, where we will fall and if I can be of any help to mother earth.

As we get closer to the ground, I see a lot of sad plants. The ground seems dry and parched. I look at plant with a sad little white flower, I think I will land next to it.

The plant is very happy to have me as a guest.  It opens the door. I enter the roots. I ask the plan I want to reach the sad flower. I come across a real life maze - Tangled roots, stem, branches and finally the flower. 

That was hard work. Now I have sometime to relax. The white flower is very happy to have me as her guest. She starts drinking me and begins to glow.

I can feel the sun glowing on me. My white flower host is getting hot. I know transpiration is about to start. I feel very light.

“ Varuna! Varuna!”, my mom calls me. I lift myself up. I am as light as a feather. I join my mother and the rest of my family. As we rise higher and higher, it becomes cold again and I begin to condense together along with my family. And we set up a fluffy cloud as our home.

I’m home again and it is time to rest. I play hide and seek with brother and sister.  Rohini wonders out loud, “ I wonder when the current of air will hit us again”. Muthu responds, “ Me too, Im wondering what our next adventure will be ? As for me, I want to drop in a cold place as snow and stay in the earth for a while. I love mother earth!”

Parenting Takeaway:

This is a fun story to explain about water cycle to kids. Kids absorbe STEM cocepts easier with stories. We have made the elements into rleatable characters so that kids can do easy recall of the stories

Story 2: The Story of Adil's magical journey to the moon 

There was a little boy by name Adil. He was always and cool and happy. The only one thing which made him curious was the moon! Though he read a lot of stories about it, he was not satisfied with the answer – “What is there on the Moon?”

One day, he had a strange visitor at home, he gave Adil a coin and told him - “Whatever you ask this coin you will get it!” To test it, Adil asked the coin to give him his favourite muffin. To his surprise, it appeared before him!

The next day he thought he would ask the coin to take him to the moon. He closed his eyes and asked the coin to take him to the moon. When he opened his eyes, he was in a very strange place, that too floating in the air! On the Moon! The moon goddess appeared and welcomed him. It was a beautiful place. “But, why am I flying?” asked Adil to the goddess. She said “because the land here is different than what you have on earth. The reason why you walk on land and not float on air is because of a force called gravity. Earth has higher garvity than moon. When you are in the moon you will float ”.

He slowly floated along with the Goddess and asked her why there was no one else in the moon. The Goddess explained that earth had a lot of air, which was essential for living beings but the moon did not have that and so there were no living things on the moon.

He still wanted to explore what was there on the other side of the moon but by then someone was shaking him. It was his mother! “Adil, get up it’s getting late to the school..”

Adil forcibly opened his eyes and realised that it was all dream! He did learn a lot though from his dream

Parenting Takeaway:

This short story is a a fun way to introduce earth’s closed neighbour and satellite – The Moon.  You can build conversations on the topic of gravity, atmosphere and about exploring life outside earth

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About the Stories: 

Story 1 has been created by the editorial team at Ekdali. 

Story 2 was wriiten by Smitha Prasad . Smitha  is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 


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