Short stories for Kids on being practical and helping oneself

Kannan was a poor man. He lived in extreme poverty. Despite having little food and money, he constantly shared what he had with others, some of whom he hardly even knew. His wife was very upset with this, she felt that Kannan was being inconsiderate to the family

"Consider your family first, please! You invite arbitrary strangers around for dinner! Do you want us to die of starvation? "She would cry.But, Kannan was too kind-hearted to turn anyone away, and as a result, many individuals took advantage of him.

Kannan left for work early one morning. His wife finished her tasks and considered having a cup of tea. By chance, she happened to glance out the window and noticed two men strolling close by. She observed them approaching the hut while talking and massaging their stomachs in anticipation, which irritated her greatly. "Oh God! Never again! Konnan has most likely invited them around for lunch ",She thought. "I must act now to put a stop to this insanity!"

She sat in front of it and began reciting mantras while listening out for the men. The men quickly entered the cottage in the hopes of receiving a delicious complimentary lunch. One man casually exclaimed, "I'm going to eat to my heart's content!" to another. They were warmly welcomed by Kannan's wife. "Do enter. Please feel at home! "She smiled and spoke. They were gratified by her friendly greeting, but they came to a sudden halt when they noticed the mortar and pestle decorated on the ground.

It is his deity, and a rather odd one at that. "How do you mean?" said one man, nervously. The tone of Kannan's wife became ominous. It  asks for human blood!

The men exhaled in horror. "What?".

 "My husband opens our home to visitors. He begins to strike them on the head with the pestle as soon as they arrive, trying to get as much blood as he can. He then presents the blood to the god. It is the customary practise we have."  Kannan’s wife half thought the men wouldn’t believe her, but to her surprise they did.

Just as Kannan was walking inside the home, the terrified men sprinted out. He asked his wife, "What happened?”They requested the pestle, but I refused to give it to them, she replied. "You idiot! Why didn't you give it to them? " Kannan questioned.

He grabbed the pestle and chased after them. "Get back now! Get the pestle! "He yelled. The two men started running faster thinking Kannan was out to hit them. Thus Kannan’s wife used a little bit of guile and wit to save the family from starving

Moral of the Story:

This is a folk tale from Tamil Nadu.  While, it is essential to help others, we must always be careful that we are not being taken advantage of . Kannan's wife used her practical senses and quick wit to save her family from starving 

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