Short Stories for Kids on Punctuality & Conflict

Short Story on Punctuality

Sangam was a cheerful boy. He was 9 years old, living in Bangalore city. One thing about him worried his parents. It was his lack of punctuality. He just could not be on time for anything. Every day he used to get up late and sometimes ended up missing his school bus. His father would drop him to school before going to office. This led him to join his school assembly late. He was the last one in the class to finish his lunch at school, complete his class works, submit his classwork and he used to be the last even to board the school bus in the evening. Everywhere late! His parents wanted him to understand the importance of time.

A week later on a Sunday, was his friend Shalini’s birthday. They had arranged a big party in a resort. It was a big get together with games, activities and fun. The resort for 25 kms away from the city. So, one had to get up early to reach there on time. On Saturday night, as usual Sangam’s parents asked Sangam to get ready on time. He just nodded his head and went to bed. Next day Sangam woke up to see that it was already 8’o clock!  He was angry. He went down stairs to the hall. His parents were happily watching TV. He asked them that why did they not wake him up? They casually said that they tried to, but he did not get up. He felt very sad that he could not go to the party. He asked his parents again and again but they gave the same answer. They also told him that every single day they would struggle to wake him up to school and he is missing many things because of not following time. He started to cry. He felt very bad for missing out the party. His parents consoled him by telling him that they have planned to take him for his favourite movie. But warned him, that this is what someone gets when they don’t stick to time.

This incident made his realise his mistake. He accepted that he was at fault. He also said that he will not repeat this anymore.

From then, he drastically showed improvement.  He woke on time and never missed his school bus again! He slept and woke on time and submitted all work on time

Parenting takeaway

Adhering to time is the most important thing that one has to learn. This story makes us realise that we may have to miss out a lot of things by not keeping up the time. We can sit together and make a routine chart where we can fix a time tab for all the activities, we carryout in a day. From morning to evening we can monitor our tasks and ensure that we stick to the time tabs on our routine chart. Actually, it will be fun and useful too.

Short Story on Conflict Resolution 

In the outskirts of a city called Kotepur, there was a big residential school. It was famous for its merit and high standards. People from all over the state wanted to enrol their kids to this school. Only few applications were selected among hundreds every year.

Neelam and Payal were 2 such students who were studying in the school. They both were good in studies and sports. They shared many things in common.  Both of them were equally good in their performances. But each one wanted to win over the other in all aspects! Every single time, be it in studies, sports or extra-curricular activities each one was trying to overtake the other.  The teachers and other friends also advised them to get along with each other. But they always disagreed. They often fought because they competed with each other on pretty much everything.

Every year there used to be a grand inter - school festival where different schools were invited and many competitions were held. This year Neelam and Payal became the coordinators for the same. This new responsibility brought more fights between them. Neelam would never agree to Payal’s suggestions and vice-versa. A teacher who was observing all this asked them both to meet him. He said that they both are important for the fest and it would be great if they compromise and work together for the fest. They both disagreed. So, the teacher gave them a task. He gave them 2 boxes each and asked them to put a small amount of sand in one box for every disagreement they had and one stone in another box for every good time they had. He asked them to meet him with the boxes after the fest. They agreed. 

After the fest they both met the teacher. He asked them to open their boxes. Their “Sand boxes” were almost full and there were some stones as well. The teacher took them to the play area and asked them to pour the sand. They both did. Next, they asked them to put down the stones. They did! Then the teacher asked them to collect back their stones and sand. They could easily collect the stones as they were visible. But could not collect the sand as it had already mixed with the other grains sand on the ground.

The teacher said, even in life good things and memories are to be stored and bad things should be thrown away like sand. Even when the stones were thrown away, they could collect it easily. It means even when they are not together also, good memories always keeps the friendship alive and the bad memories tries to separate them. 

They both recalled the good memories while collecting their stones back. They realised what their teacher intended to convey. From that day they both started to adjust with each other and became thick friends.

Moral of the Story

A meaningful story which conveys that we should forget arguments and fights with our near ones and remember and carry only good memories that we have with them. Good things will aways make people come closer and makes easier to forget and forgive bad things.


We have pu togthere these short stories so that kids can learn life lessons from day to day stories. These short moral stories are great conversation builders. You can talk about the central characters, the theme of the story and the moral of the story. If you like our Free short stories, you are sure to like our Posters. Do check them out.



Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 

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