Short Stories for kids on empathy and cooperation

These short stories are Animal themed.  If your kid loves anaimls, please do take a look at our Animal lover's Flash Cards 

Short Story One : Wolf Deer and the Rabbit

Once upon a time there was a thick forest. There were all kind of animals living in it. A lion was the king of the forest. The forest had  everything that the animals needed to lead a happy life. 

But there was a bad wolf! He always used to hunt more than what he wanted. He scared the smaller animals. He teased the smaller animals and laughed at them. He was very cruel.

One day a beautiful rabbit was playing with her friends. The wolf who was passing near by saw her. He thought he will have some fun scaring her, also if possible have her as a snack. Slowly, like a thief he crawled into the bushes and planned to approach the rabbit. The rabbit got alert. She started to run and hide. The wolf also followed her. she started to run as fast as she could, waiting for a borrow or a bush to get inside. She saw a huge tree and a hole in it. She jumped into the hole to save herself. The wolf also followed her. After coming near that tree, the wolf did not know where the rabbit had gone. While searching, he saw a deer. He asked the deer whether he saw a rabbit coming that way. The deer was in a dilemma. But he thought he should always tell the truth and said that the rabbit had been hiding inside the hole of the tree. The wolf slowly came near the tree and put his paws inside the hole. The rabbit luckily could duck down further as the hole was long enough. Then, as the wolf could not find the rabbit, he thought that the deer was only making a fool of him and started to attack the deer. The deer also ran as fast as he could and escaped. The wolf thought that, it was a bad day for him and left that place.

The rabbit came out of the hole and the deer also came back to the same place. The deer apologisedto  the rabbit for realising the mistake he did. Only When he himself was attacked, did he realise what the rabbit would have gone through.  The rabbit forgave the deer and ran back home happily.


Parenting takeaway:

We are always taught to tell the truth at any cost.  But, our truth should not be a burden for someone else. We need to have some empathy and think about the others situation before talking


Short Story Two: The Herons and the Elephants!

 Once upon a time there was a big pond. It was situated beside a big river. Apart from the rains, Some water from the river also would flow into the pond. The pond had water all year round.

A group of herons were living near the pond for many years. They had frequent visitors to the pond. The Elephants. Both herons and the elephants had become good friends. They were united and faced any hurdles together.

One such incident occurred that, one year, in a course of time. One year, it so happened, that the water levels in the pond were gradually coming down. The herons were observed this, they became alert and planned to take some actions. As they were in large numbers and did not wish to get separated from the group, going out in search of new pond or a lake would be challenging. So, they all had to plan something different

A few of the herons came together and started to analyse the reason for the same. They understood that supply of water to the pond was cut a large tree trunk had fallen at the place where the river met the pond. The herons requested the elephant to help them. The elephants used their power and pushed the tree trunks which was blocking the water supply. The water started to flow again. The herons were very happy and thanked the elephants.

Moral of the Story:

This is a great example of friendship. The elephants and herons were friends.  When the herons needed help, the elephants did not hesitate to help them. This is how trust and friendship is built amongsth communities

These short stories for kids are put together by our team to build two way conversations. All our products are designed with this goal. Take a look at our conversation building maps here


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