Short Stories for Kids on Unity and Friendship

Short Story One: Strength in Unity

There  was an old man who resided in a village with his three sons. His three sons were all good workers, but they often fought. The elderly man made an effort to bring them together but was unsuccessful.

After several months, the elderly guy fell ill. He pleaded with his sons to stay together, but they ignored him. The old man made the decision to instruct them at that very moment to set aside their differences and unite as one.

The elderly guy called his sons and then announced, "I will give you a bundle of sticks. Divide each stick into two after first separating it. The winner will receive greater compensation than the runner-up.”

Thus, the sons concurred. The father gave each of his boys a package containing ten sticks, and then instructed them to split each stick into smaller pieces. Within miutes, the sons broke the sticks, then started arguing once more.

"My beloved lads, the game is still not finished," the old guy added. I'll hand you another bundle of sticks right now. Nevertheless, this time you must shatter them as a bundle rather than individually.

Immediately after agreeing, the sons made an attempt to break the bundle. They gave it their all, but they were unable to break the sticks. The sons admitted their mistake to their father.

"My beloved sons, look," the elderly guy said. You could easily break each individual stick, but you were unable to break a bundle of sticks. Nobody can hurt you if you stick together. Anyone might easily defeat you if you kept fighting.

I pray that you maintain your unity, the elderly man continued. The three sons finally realised the strength of sticking together and made a commitment to their father.

Moral of the story:

There is always strength in unity. We can face many problems together if we stay together and work as a team .


Short Story Two: Friend in need is a friend indeed

Two friends were out for a stroll one day through the woods. They were aware that anything could happen in the forest and that it was a dangerous area. As a result, they vowed to stick together in case of danger.

A large bear started to move towards them out of nowhere. The other companion was left behind as one of the friends hurriedly climbed a nearby tree.

The second friend used common sense because he didn't know how to climb. He collapsed to the ground and stayed there motionless, appearing to be dead.

The bear approached the friend who was lying down. Bears don't usually approach the deceased, so as the animal began to smell his ear, it softly moved on.

Soon after hiding in the tree, the companion came out. He asked his pal, "What secret did the bear tell to you, my dear friend?" The friend said, "The bear just taught me never to believe a  friend who doesn’t help another friend in need."

Moral of the story:

This story teaches us that friends should never stop supporting each other in terms of need

Why Short Stories for Kids?

Short Stories are a great way to teach life lessons

They are a great way to build empathy in kids

Short stories are a great way to help kids develop interest in reading

Short Stories are great conversation builders between adults and kids

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