World countries based Geography Quiz - Edition 2

Hey Folks, We have put together a geography quiz with about 20 questions. Play the quiz and match your scores with the benchmark at the end of the quiz. Answers to the quiz are at the end as well
  1. There are a group of mountains that look like a Rainbow. The minerals on earth’s surface combined with the melting ice to create rainbow colours. In which country are the Rainbow Mountains located. Can you also name the mountain range they are a part of?
  2. Which city has the maximum number of skyscrapers in the world?
  3. Mohenjo-Daro is one of the biggest cities of Harappa civilization. Name the present day country in which it is located.
  4. This country has the largest Spanish speaking population in the world.
  5. This country has the largest coastline in the world.
  6. We all know Troy from the famous novels  Iliad and Odyssey. Troy was also made famous by the Hollywood movie – Helen of Troy. The English phrase Trojan horse means,” You are using the person or thing to hide someone’s true intentions.”. Do we know in which present day country Troy is located.
  7. What is the Merlion and which country is it associated with?
  8. The wooden Boomerang is the National symbol of which country?
  9. The Hobbiton movie set is a location that was used to film a significant portion of the Lord of the Rings movie. Which country is it located in?
  10. The Serengeti National park is a part of this country.
  11. This country’s capital is the westernmost city in Continental Europe. Name the city and the capital
  12. Hans Christian Anderson is a famous novelist and fairy tale author. A Bronze statue based on one of his books has become a major tourist attraction. Can you name novel and the city in which the statue is located.
  13. This European country is separated from Africa by the Strait of Gibraltar . Which country is this
  14. This country has the largest Pyramid in the world. Name the country and the pyramid
  15. This is the largest democracy in the world.
  16. This is the southernmost country in the world.
  17. Putrajaya is one of the capitals of this country.  Name the other capital and the country we are talking about
  18. 4th of July is a very significant date for a particular country. Name the country and the significance for the country
  19. Which is the country with the largest Arabic speaking population in the world?
  20. This is the only country in the world whose flag features a building. Which country are we talking about and what is the name of the building

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Answers to the Quiz:

  1. The Rainbow Mountains are a part of the Andes mountains in Peru. The mountains look like they are painted in yellows, reds, greens and purples.
  2. Hong Kong is the city with the highest number of skyscrapers. The Shenzen in China comes second. New york has the third highest numbers.
  3. Mohenjo-Daro is part of the Sindh province in Pakistan.  Harappa sites in India are spread across Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana Lothal, Gujarat and Rakhigiri, Haryana are important sites
  4. Mexico is the country with the largest Spanish speaking population. Colombia and Argentina come next. Spain is the 4th largest.
  5. Canada. Canada has 202,080 kms of coastline.  56% of the entire worlds coastline belongs to Canada
  6. Troy Is located in what is known as Hisarlik district in present day Turkey
  7. The Merlion is s the official mascot of Singapore. It is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and a body of a fish
  8. The Boomerang is the internationally recognized symbol of Australia. It represents the indigenous people’s 60,000-year link to the land.
  9. The Hobbiton movie set is located in New Zealand.
  10. Tanzania.  The Serengeti National Park is a large national park in northern Tanzania
  11. The Country is Portugal and the capital is Lisbon
  12.  Hans Christian Anderson’s 1837 fairy tale “ The Little Mermaid” . The statue also has the same name. It is situated in Copenhagen the capital city of Denmark
  13. Spain.  Europe and Africa are separated by 13 kilometres  of ocean at the Strait's narrowest point between Point Marroquí in Spain and Point Cires in Morocco.
  14. While Egypt and the great Pyramid of Giza is what one thinks of when you say pyramids. The worlds largest pyramid is te Great Pyramid of Cholula - an ancient Aztec temple in Puebla, Mexico . It has a base 4 times larger than Giza
  15.  This was an easy quiz question. The distinction of being the largest democracy in the world goes to India
  16. Chile, In South America is the southernmost country in the world. It is closest to Antarctica
  17. The other Capital is Kuala Lumpur. Malayasia has two capitals.  Originally Kuala Lumpur was the only capital. Later Putrajaya was made the second capital to reduce over crowding
  18. 4th of July is celebrated as the Independence day by the USA.  It is the date on which  Declaration of Independence was passed  by the Continental Congress in the 1776
  19.  Egypt is the country with the largest Arabic speaking population in the world
  20. Cambodia’s National Flag features the  Angkor wat

How did you do?

If you got 20/20 – either you googled or you are a Geography genius waiting to be hired by our team

16-19 – Excellent

12 – 14  - Above Average. 


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