Why is story telling very important for kids

Nowadays, parents use the comfort that technology provides to put their kids to sleep. Let's be honest about it. Kids can easily nod off after viewing a video or one of their favourite cartoons. These activities can be thought of as innocent joys of childhood, but for our children, nothing beats the beauty of storytelling. How much time do you spend as a parent reading aloud to your kids?

The whole development of your preschooler is greatly influenced by storytelling. Storytelling has many benefits for kids, whether it's as easy as chatting about your upbringing or delivering a funny daytime tale. See this list to discover the advantages of storytelling for children.

Cultivates virtues in your child

Little ones enjoy listening to stories. When you give children enough time to engage in storytelling, you are teaching them values that they can keep with them as they age. Tell children morally ambiguous tales or tales with lessons they can learn from the characters. Spending the time to do this teaches kids important lessons and aids in their learning of kindness, discernment, honesty,compassion, and other concepts.

Improves their listening abilities

It's not always simple to keep a kid's interest for very long. It can be challenging for many children to focus for long periods of time. Either they jump right in and start chatting more, or their thoughts start to stray. However, sharing a tale with your child can help them get better at listening. They will learn how to sharpen their focus on a particular subject and become more attentive.

Stimulates the imagination.

Children can visualise the characters, the plot, the environment, etc. when they hear a story. Compared to watching something on a screen, it is really different. As the narrative develops, storytelling allows kids to let their imaginations run wild. They are free to envision the story however they choose in their minds. They may even become more creative and receptive to new ideas as a result.

Improves their understanding of other cultures

Young children's eyes are opened to new things through storytelling, including countries, cultures, and traditions. It helps children put themselves in the characters' shoes, which increases their empathy as they try to understand what they are doing.

Increases their capacity for communication

Children's capacity for expression can be improved by reading to them and telling them tales. It encourages kids to express their ideas, emotions, and thoughts through words. Encourage your child to ask questions and share their opinions when you are telling stories. Your child's vocabulary will grow as they learn new words as you continue to engage in storytelling activities with them.

Assist in memory acuity

Telling stories to your child is a great technique to improve their memory. You can review the material after you read them a story or quiz them on specific points. See how much of the material they have retained by asking them questions.

Facilitates learning


A stepping stone for future academic learning is reading aloud to your child. It's an effective technique to get kids ready for school because it makes learning simple and easy. As was already noted, storytelling helps kids focus and concentrate more, which is crucial as they start going to school.

Enhances social abilities

Children learn how to pay attention and actively listen to the speaker through storytelling. As they listen to others speak, they develop more patience. Additionally, it helps them see how different everyone's viewpoints are and opens their eyes to other people's perspectives.

Young children can learn a great deal about the world and life via storytelling. It offers them several chances to discover fascinating concepts and stuff they had never heard of previously. Parents have every incentive to spend enough time sharing stories with their children given these advantages.


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