Short stories for kids with morals from around the world

1.  Short stories for kids - The Seven Little Goats and the Wolf


A kind mother goat and her seven children resided in a comfortable home next to a forest full of tress. When the mother had to go for food one sunny day, she warned her children, "Beware of the sly wolf with his hoarse voice and dark paws!" She asked the children not to open up the door for the wolf.


As soon as she was gone, there was a knock. "Little ones, open up—it's Mommy!" But the children, perceptive and aware, heard the harsh voice of the wolf. "Good try, Mr. Wolf, but our mother has a lovely voice! so we won't open the door"


The wolf, frustrated, ate chalk to mellow his voice and came back. Once more, he deceived the children with his kind words, but his dark paws exposed him! They said, "No way, your paws are too dark!"


A baker and a miller were duped by the sly and unrelenting wolf to cover his paws. With a kind voice and white paws, he fooled the children into opening the door on his third attempt. Oh no!


The children dispersed and hid everywhere, including in the bed, behind the table, and inside the clock case! but the wolf moved quickly, discovering all save the smallest, who hid in a place that no one knew about


When the mother goat came back, she saw that only her youngest child was safe. Mother and kid went into the forest in search of the wolf.

They discovered the wolf snoring behind a tree in the field. Something churning in his stomach was noted by Mother Goat. "Is it possible that my kids are still there?" She quickly sliced into the wolf's stomach, allowing her six children to escape safely!


Together, they sewed up the sleeping wolf after stuffing him full of stones. The wolf staggered onto a creek when he awakened, weary and thirsty. However, he was pulled into the sea by the stones, and he was never seen again.


The seven baby goats cheered, "The wolf is gone!" as they danced around their mother. We're all right here! With confidence and excitement in their hearts, they gave each other a hug.


Moral of the story:  Story's lesson is to always use caution and common sense, especially while interacting with strangers.


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2. Short stories for kids:  The Princess Underwater

A dilemma came up for the vanaras when they were constructing the bridge to Lanka.

"Every day, we throw rocks into the ocean, but by the next morning, they disappear!" they stated to Hanuman.


Hanuman decided to look into it and dove under the surface. He saw to that mermaids were taking the pebbles away.He went up to them and asked them to take him to their queen. The queen's name was Suvarnamaccha . 


She said, "I am Ravana's daughter." "He told me to stop the vanaras from building this bridge."


Then Hanuman informed her about Sita's kidnapping and the significance of the bridge's construction. Suvarnamachha, realizing the significance of the mission, approved the bridge's construction and even gave back the stolen pebbles.


Moral of the story : If we can explain our mission and purpose clearly, People will help us


3. Short stories for kids: Krishna's Conch Origin Story

when Krishna and Balarama were studying with the sage. Sandipani, An asura by the name of Panchaja abducted the sages son. He concealed the boy within the asura's enormous conch 


This abduction incident happened just a  day before Krishna and Balarama finished their studies, , so Sandipani begged them to save his son. Sandipani said he would consider this as his  guru dakshina. 


Bravely Krishna and Balarama got rid of the asura.


Krishna took the conch that Panchaja dwelt in. The name of it was Panchajanya.


4.  Short Stories for Kids: The Cracked Pot


A water carrier worked for a merchant who resided on a hilltop. Every day, he had to walk down the hill and collect water from a stream. He would arrange it in two pots which he placed on either end of a pole and hoisted over his shoulders. One of the pots was ideal, always delivering a full serving of water at the end of the lengthy trek. The other pot had a crack and would always be half full.


 The immaculate pot was proud of its successes, whilst the poor broken pot felt embarrassed of his own flaws.

One day, the cracked pot spoke with the water carrier. "I feel like I've been such a burden for you. The fracture on my side has rendered me useless. I end up spilling half the water, and I'm really embarrassed," he remarked.

The water bearer smiled calmly and continued, "As we return to the merchant's house today, I want you to notice the beautiful flowers along the path."

The pot witnessed a gorgeous blaze of colorful flowers on his side of the walkway, while the other side remained dry.


  As they approached the top of the hill, the water carrier stated, "I had always known about your crack and took advantage of it by planting seedlings that you watered every day. And now look at these lovely flowers along the path. "The path would not have been as beautiful if you hadn't been yourself."

The cracked pot was ecstatic. He realized that what he believed was his weakness was actually a benefit for the flowers along the route.


5. Short Stories for kids : The Demon who Danced


Bhasmasura was a monster thought to have sprung from Shiva's ashes. Shiva consented to grant him a boon, and Bhasmasura requested the ability to transform people into ash by touching their heads. 

Bhasmasura, now nearly unstoppable, started to terrorize the earth. He also started rushing after Shiva, intending to use the boon against him. Vishnu then assumed the appearance of a lovely woman named Mohini and enticed Bhasmasura into a dance.  . In one of the moves Mohini put her hand on her head . He was very distracted by Mohini's beauty that without realising he put his hand on his head . In an instant, Bhasmasura was reduced to ashes

Moral of the story: There is always a solution to every problem


6. Short Stories for Kids: The talkative tortoise

In the wild, a tortoise enjoyed chatting and frequently upset others. Once, two birds resolved to teach the tortoise a lesson. They challenged him to a flying race.

The tortoise agreed and instructed them to connect a stick to each of their beaks. In mid-flight, the tortoise started speaking. The moment he opened his mouth, he fell to ground and learnt his lesson. From then on he kept his mouth shut


7.  Short Stories for kids: "Happiness"

An elderly guy lived in a village and was one of the most unhappy individuals in the world.

The entire hamlet was tired of him. He was usually unhappy, complaining, and in a terrible attitude. The longer he lived, the more bile he secreted and the more toxic his remarks grew.


 People avoided him as much as possible. A rumour also spread that if you sit next to the old man,  his misfortune would befall you as well

It was thought abnormal and offensive to be pleased next to him. He produced a sense of sadness in others.


something remarkable happened, when he turned 70. Everyone immediately began hearing the rumor: "The old man is happy today." He does not complain about anything. "He smiles, and his face is bright and alert."The entire community assembled, and the elderly man was asked:


  What happened to you?

The old guy said, "Nothing special." I've been seeking happiness for so many years, and it hadn't worked. And then I decided to live without happiness and simply appreciate life. That is why I feel glad today."


The Moral of the Story: Don't pursue happiness; instead, enjoy your life.






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