Short Stories for kids from Leo Tolstoy's collection

There once was a ship moored off the African shore. It was a beautiful morning, but by the evening it was unbearably hot and muggy due to a scorching breeze from the Sahara desert.

The skipper stepped out onto the deck just before dusk and declared, "Time for a swim."

Sailors threw down a canvas mat and dove into the water, creating a swimming pool right away. All day long, they had been anticipating this moment.

The boy was his offspring. He was at a loss for what action to do for the first time in his life. He was unable to think coherently.

People on the deck let out wild screams. But they were inaudible to the guys. They kept playing and swimming, completely unaware of the terrifying threat that was rapidly drawing near.

The gunner's countenance became completely white. The earth beneath his feet seemed to be eroding. He seemed to enter a state of trance.

The sailors launched a boat, dove in, and paddled in the direction of the youngsters. At that moment, one of the youngsters turned to face the big monster he was all too familiar with. He gave a terrified cry. The second youngster saw the shark after hearing the screaming. They were overcome with panic and started to swim in opposite directions.

The gunner was startled back to reality by their shouts and hurried over to the cannon. He pointed the cannon, lit the candle, and turned the barrel. He had to do it correctly. Everything would be lost if he made even the slightest direction error.

A gun went off. The gunner bent down next to the cannon and put his hands over his face.


It was totally quiet. The smoke was so dense that no one could see what had happened to the lads and the shark. People let out a joyful yell as it disappeared. Raising his head, the gunner turned to face the ocean. With its bright belly facing upward, the lifeless shark drifted amidst the waves.

The youngsters were then returned to the ship by the boat once it had reached them.

The gunner let forth a little smile.


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