7 Inspirational Short stories for kids

1. Short stories for kids: A busy little Ant.

A bustling tiny ant named Andy once lived in a jungle. He was constantly doing something, rushing here and there, never taking a rest. One day, a careless grasshopper called Greg strolled by and saw Andy's hard work.

"Why are you working so hard, Andy? Greg remarked, "You should relax and have some fun, just like me!"
He said, "I have to save up for the winter, so I can survive through the cold months."
"Oh, you can worry about that later. "Enjoy life now." Greg remarked, then jumped away.

 Andy felt terrible for Greg and offered to share his meals and shelter. Greg expressed gratitude for the compassion and pledged to be more responsible in the future.

The lesson of the story is that hard effort and foresight are required to succeed in life. Don't allow enjoyment to get in the way of serious work, or you'll regret it later.


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 2. Short Stories for kids on honestly

A Chinese emperor organizes a tournament to select his successor.

He invites entrants to cultivate a flower, and the most attractive flower wins the contest.

Ping works hard and persistently, yet he fails to produce a bloom. But he honestly offers his empty pot to the emperor and receives a prize for his honesty.

 Moral honesty is the greatest policy in life, even if it means disappointing certain individuals.


 3.  Short Stories for kids - Farmers well

When a farmer was seeking for a water supply for his land, he decided to buy a well from his neighbor. The neighbor, however, was crafty. The farmer returned the next day to collect water from his well, but the neighbor refused to allow him to take any.

When the farmer inquired why, the neighbor said, "I sold you the well, not the water," and walked away. Distraught, the farmer approached the emperor to seek justice. He described what had transpired.

The emperor summoned Birbal, one of his nine and smartest courtiers. Birbal asked the neighbor, "Why don't you let the farmer draw water from the well? Did you sell the well to the farmer?

 The neighbor said, "Birbal, I sold the well to the farmer but not the water in it. He has no authority to draw water from the well."

Birbal said, "Look, since you sold the well, you have no right to keep the water in the farmer's well. You may either pay the farmer's rent or take it out right now. Realizing his plan had failed, the neighbor apologized and returned home.

Moral - Cheating will get you nothing. If you cheat, you will eventually pay the price.

4. Short Stories for kids - THE HUNGRY MOUSE

A mouse was in deep thought. She had been without food for some days and worked hard to find some. All her efforts were in vain. She looked everywhere for her supper. She lost weight over time.  

One day, the mouse discovered a basket filled with corns. She also found a little hole in the basket, which was enough to let her in. She moved smoothly into the hole. She ate a lot of maize because she hadn't eaten for a long time. Without realizing it, she was eating more and more corns. She realized much later that she had eaten far more than she needed. She gained a lot of weight after eating so much maize!

Satisfied with corn, the chubby mouse attempted to exit the basket through the little hole. Unfortunately, the little hole could not accept the large mouse!!

The mouse began screaming. Oh, gosh! Let me come out, and how can I do so?

A rat, upon hearing the mouse's wailing voice from the basket, inquired as to what had occurred!

Mouse narrated the story and asked Rat for a solution.

Rat advised, "If you want to come out of the basket, wait for a few hours or even days to lose all of your fat until you grow thin."

Mouse began to hunger now, but he had enough food to get out of the trap!

MORAL: Anything in excess serves no use. 


5. Short Stories for kids - The Clever Owl

The brown owl perched on a branch and watched. He has excellent observation skills. His large eyes blinked. Down below, a white rabbit played on the grass.

The rabbit was quite swift. He was too quick to capture. Every time the owl attempted to catch the rabbit, the rabbit fled.

The owl was hungry, and he needed to find a method to catch the rabbit. How could he catch the quick rabbit? If he dropped down on top of him, the rabbit would see his shadow and dive into his burrow. What could he do?
Suddenly, the owl had an idea. His eyes became large because he was delighted. A second later, he went off soaring.

When the owl flew, he took sure to avoid the bunny. The owl did not want the rabbit to know he was approaching. Then, as he approached the rabbit, he stretched out his body, changing the form of his shadow!

The white rabbit paused chewing grass to look. Suddenly, a black rabbit appeared next to him. The white rabbit just looked. He had no idea there was a black rabbit near his home. It looked like he could meet a new friend!

 Without warning, the black rabbit vanished, and the owl took its place. The rabbit yelled out and attempted to flee to his burrow, but the owl was waiting for him. The rabbit rushed straight into the owl's claws, becoming his food.

Sometimes trying something new can surprise both you and others.


6 . Short Stories for kids - The Monkey and the Dolphin

A long time ago, three sailors set sail aboard their sailing ship. One of them had taken his pet monkey along for the lengthy voyage.

When they were far out at sea, a violent storm flipped their ship. Everyone plunged into the sea, and the monkey was certain he'd perish. Suddenly, a dolphin arrived and lifted him up. They soon arrived at the island, and the monkey descended off the dolphin's back. The dolphin questioned the monkey, "Do you know this place?"

The monkey said, "Yes, I do." In fact, the monarch of the island is my closest buddy. Do you know I'm truly a prince?

Knowing that no one resided on the island, the dolphin said, "Well, so you are a prince!" "Now you can be king!" The monkey inquired, "How can I become a king?"As the dolphin began to swim away, he said, "That is easy. You are the sole creature on this island, thus you will automatically be the king!"

MORAL: Those who lie and brag may face disaster.


7.  Short stories for kids - The Frog and the Mouse

Once upon a time, a mouse and a frog were good friends. The frog paid frequent visits to the mouse's house, where they shared the wealth of food and resources that the mouse had stockpiled.

One day, the frog invited the mouse to his home. The poor mouse did not know how to swim. The frog informed him that he would have the mouse perch on his back. The mouse agreed quickly. Halfway across the steam, the frog began to have evil ideas about devouring the mouse. So the nasty frog dives for the stream's bottom.


The mouse began to plead for aid after learning too late that the frog had betrayed him. A hawk flying above the stream noticed the sight and swooped down on the mouse. The hawk scooped him up with its beak and began flying far into the sky. The frog tethered to the mouse was likewise removed. The frog realized his error. In his hunger for more food, he endangered not just his dear buddy but also his own life.

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