Short Stories For Kids With Moral On Hardworking

Short Story One: There is no rose without a thorn.

Deepa was a sweet girl. She lived in a village very close to a forest. She was accustomed to the routes and the where abouts of the forests well. One day, while sleeping she had a dream. In her dreams she saw a pond inside a big cave with beautiful flowers! she had seen many flowers near the forest but never like the ones she saw in her dream. They were marvellous. For the next few days, she kept thinking about the dream.

One day a fairy appeared before her and asked if she wanted to have those flowers. Deepa was excited. The fairy told that Deepa could have the flowers if she did a favour. The fairy said that Deepa should walk to the cave and help the fairy to pluck the flowers, carry it. After coming back Deepa should again help the fairy to dig out a pond, fetch water from the stream and fill the pond. Then the fairy coul drop the flowers into it.

Deepa thought for a while and said that she was only interested in the flowers but not helping the fairy. She said that she is not ready to do the hard work to get the flowers. She insisted if the fairy can only do all the work with her magic wand!

But the fairy replied, “Yes my dear, I could have done that. But before that I wanted to test you that -to what extent will you work hard  to get your dream flowers. But your answer clearly shows that you only want the results but not the sweat! and disappeared.

Deepa realised that she lost a golden opportunity by not helping the fairy.

Moral of the Story

As the name of the story suggests, Whenever we want to get something we have to be ready to give something. Be it in the form of effort or hard work. We can compare the fairy to the opportunities that we get in order to fulfil our dreams. When the opportunity strikes, we must be ready to sacrifice our comforts and shell out our effort and energy to fulfil our dreams. Else we have to only repent!


Short Story Two: who is smarter?

There was a very famous restaurant called – “Feast” in a place called Fathepur. It was famous for the verity and the quality of the dishes that were served .  People from all over the country would visit the hotel. All the tables were always full!

Two friends Ramu and Shyamu had a bet! Ramu asked Shyamu ,“Do you dare to visit the restaurant and eat all your favourite dishes and come out without paying?” Shyamu replied “No, but can you?”.  Ramu asked Shyamu what would he get in return if he won the bet. Shyamu replied that he would pay him hundred coins! The bet was on!

The next day, Ramu, dressed like a gentle man and visited the restaurant. He had already booked a table. He was greeted at the entrance and led to his table. He ordered all his favourite dishes and relished them one by one. At the end, he ordered a famous dessert. When it was served, he added some kind of powder into it without the notice of anyone. He then,  called the waiter and started to complain about its taste and smell. The powder that he has mixed would give the dish a bad odder and bitter taste.

The hotel manager apologised for the mistake and asked Ramu to not take it any further as this would bring a bad name to hotel. Ramu agreed and told he would do that it if they did not charge money on his order. They hotel agreed. A waiter was observing all this hiding!

Ramu came back and narrated the whole thing to Shyamu. Shyamu also wanted to try the same trick. He also did the same as Ramu did. When Shyamu ordered for the dessert, the waiter this time told that because they had faced some issue with the dessert section recently, they had stopped preparing any dessert for a while. He apologised and gave him a bill. But Shyamu did not have any money to pay them. He got stuck!

Moral of the Story

Cheating is never the way. Hardwork is the best way to get anything. Instead of trying to cheat the restaurant, the folks could have worked har, saved money and paid for their dinner.

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Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 

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