Short stories for kids on gratitude


Once in the jungle lived a wolf called Tony. The wolves are cunning by nature. They live in packs or groups. Tony was a lazy wolf. He always ate from, what the pack brought after hunting. He seldom went hunting with the pack. He sleeps in the day.

One day when he went to a pond, he saw a dead donkey. He thought what a stroke of luck. He looked around and found no one nearby, which meant that he could have all for himself. He started eating it.

He did not want to share it with anyone. So, he started chewing hurriedly. He was in haste to finish it as quickly as he could. In haste, a piece of bone got stuck in his throat. He cried in pain. He coughed vigorously, but the bone was still stuck in his throat.

He wanted somebody to help him now, his pack would not be of any use. He thought of the Crane who lived nearby. Since the Crane had a long beak, he could help him was the thought of the Wolf. He ran to the Crane. Tony Wolf told what had happened to him. The Crane took pity on him. The Wolf told the Crane, that if he took the bone out of his throat, he would give him a gift.

The Crane put his long beak into the wolf’s throat and pulled the bone out in a jiffy. Tony Wolf was relieved. The Crane asked for the gift that he promised to give after the job was done. Tony the ungrateful Wolf said, “Even after putting your head inside my mouth you are still alive, isn’t that a gift?”

The Crane felt deceived. He wanted to teach a lesson to the ungrateful Wolf. The Crane let the Wolf go for now. One day the Crane caught a big fish. He planned to gift the fish to Tony Wolf. He took the fish to Tony and gave it to him. He said that today he caught and ate too many fish. And he is very full to have any more.

Tony Wolf was delighted. He started eating the fish. Just then the Crane told Tony that he could hear some animals nearing by. He told Tony to eat quickly. As Tony was greedy and didn’t like to share his food with anybody, he ate hurriedly. Alas, a big bone got stuck in Tony’s throat. Tony cried in pain. He pleaded with the Crane as before to help him. But the Crane flew away to teach him a lesson.

In Pain Tony Wolf ran here and there for help. After a while, he sat down and waited for any animals that would pass by to help him. After some time, the Crane came back and checked on him. As Tony got no help, the Crane thought of helping him under one condition. The condition was that Tony had to share his food with other animals and learn to be grateful.

Tony agreed to the Crane’s condition. The Crane took the bone out. Tony felt great relief. He has learnt a very valuable lesson.

Moral of the Story

Gratitude is the best attitude, that everyone should possess.


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