Short stories for kids on gratitude

Short Story One: A birthday to remember!

It was Kamal’s birthday. He was turning 10! He was excited to host a party at a pizza shop for all his friends. Kamal was studying in class 5, in the city of Bangalore.

As the birthday bash began, one by one, his friends gathered. After the cake cutting, there were some games which they enjoyed followed by a pizza treat. Kamal got some bunch of presents which he was waiting to open. Almost all his friends left.  Kamal’s mom called him. She asked him to go around all the tables where his friends had dinner. He did not understand what his mom intended. His mom also followed him. She then showed a small boy of about Kamal’s age who was standing near the door of the kitchen of the restaurant. Kamal had seen that boy before. The boy was watching Kamal and his friends playing and enjoying. His mom explained that there were many kids in the world who deserved as much fun and joy as Kamal did. But they were just not so privileged. They could not afford to spend money on these kinds of celebrations. She urged him to empathise them. Kamal also understood his mom’s intentions. She further explained that merry making could also be done in a smaller scale. Also, he should generously donate some part of his pocket money to help this kind of kids. He immediately took a large piece of his birthday cake and gave it to the young boy. He also gave him a gift and a t shirt. The boy felt happy and wished Kamal for his birthday.


Parenting Takeaway:

In life we take many things for granted. Also complain of things we do not have. Let us pledge that we shall not spend too much on our wants and also donate some part of our money to the needy.


Short Story Two: Sarala’s trip to India

Sarala was excited to visit her granny grandpa in a village in India. She was visiting  India for the first time in her life. She lived in London with her parents. Her grandparents were farmers. They lived in a village by name Somanathapura near Mysore city.

After a day or two in her granny’s place, she visited the fields where her grandparents worked. She was super excited. She saw her grandpa working hard in the field along with her grandma. She wondered how can someone work in the hot sun. She saw many people working in the field.

When she asked, she was told that they were in the process of growing paddy crop.  Rice is a staple food of all south Indian states. She was surprised when she heard about the whole process of growing paddy. She was told that it took months together for the harvest to come. She also learnt that the yield was dependent on rain. Just enough water was required for the paddy crop. Even when it rains too much , it was bad for the crop. once the produce was ready, her grandpa had to struggle to sell his crop for the best price. For the hard work and effort, the prices would never match.

Seeing all this, she started to think a lot. She decided not to waste any food items from then. As, behind every grain of whatever she eats, there is a considerable amount of hard work, sweat and pain of the farmers.

Parenting Takeaway:  

A beautiful story that kids can relate to. It teaches them the value of food. They learn how much effort goes into producing food.

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