Short Stories for Kids on Happiness and Hard Work

Short Story One: Three Men at the building!

This is inspired from an old folk tale from China. 

Once upon a time a famous journalist went on a tour around the city to study the behaviour of  people. On his way, he saw a big building under construction. Hundreds of people were busy in the construction. The journalist went to a random person and asked him what he felt about his work. The man looked dull. He said that he is disgusted, he had to work hard from morning till evening and then collected only a few coins from which he could not even buy what he wished.

Then, the journalist approached another man a few metres away and posted him the same question. This man said that he was working hard for the whole day to serve his family needs. He was happy that this job kept him busy away from bad thoughts and distractions. The hard physical work gave him a good sleep at night. Also, it fetched him money with which we served his family.

The journalist approached another man a few metres away and posted him the same question! This man replied that he was a part of a great mission. He said that, that building was supposed to be the tallest building which would come up in the whole country! He was very proud that he was a part of it.  He was enjoying every bit of his hard work!

It was the same workplace, same set of work, same amount of money given to all the three men. But their way of seeing things, looking at their jobs differed so much!


Parenting Takeaway:

Our happiness is entirely driven by our perception and gratitude.  None of the external conditions had changed in all the cases. But, the third man was the happiest of all because he chose to be positive and grateful about his work

Short Story Two: John and the Apple tree

John liked to procastinate. He always postponed doing his work. He either made others do his work or didn’t do it at all.  

Once,his teacher had asked everyone in the class to grow a plant and exhibit it in the class. All the kids planted seeds, nurtured it and waiti for the plant to grow. John, on the day of submission just before going to school, went to a nursery, took a ready-made plant and submitted it.  He was proud of himself for doing such things.

Another day when John saw an apple tree full of big apples. Many kids were jumping up high to get the fruits. John also wanted to have some apples. As he was too lazy, he did not want to climb up the tree. He went near the tree where other kids were trying to pluck. He smartly said that they were all struggling so much to get a single fruit, where as he was going to get many fruits within some time. The others asked him what would he do?  He said that he would wait until the apples fell down from the tree on it’s own. So, he went near another tree, selected a nice spot and lied down.  He waited and waited; no apples fell. A strict gardener who came near the tree scolded John for lying down and sent him from there. Poor John, went back home sadly!

Parenting Takeaway:  

When we want smething, our attitude should be to work for the same. Nothing ever gets handed to us on a plate

These short stories for kids are meant as a way to help build positive behaviours in kids.Have you seen our Affirmation Posters. They are an execllent way to reinforce positive behaviours in childre


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