Short Stories For Kids - Whose life doesn't have any challenges?

Short Story : Whose life doesn't have any challenges?

One day in a forest, an insect was walking sadly. It was weeping and mumbling something. It reached a tree. Under that tree a great saint was meditating. Seeing this insect, he smiled and took it in the hand and asked what was the reason for the insect’s sadness. The insect replied saying that it was trying to build its home, store food and lead a happy life. But there were many hurdles. Right from the wind till the bigger insects, every time one or the other thing would disturbed  the process. There has been no peace of mind.  The saint understood, again smiled and asked, that what would make the insect happier. The insect said that if it were a bigger animal, then probably most of its problems would be solved. Then, the saint said that he can turn the insect into which ever animal it wishes to with his magical power. The insect was very happy. It started to think about which animal it could become. But the saint said before that he would wish to show the insect something.

The saint took him to a rat’s place and asked the rat about its difficulties. The rat explained all its difficulties and also said that its greatest enemy was a cat. He was strong and able. Then the saint took the insect to the cat’s place. Then the cat also listed so many problems and said that it also had enemies. The dogs, wolves. The saint took the insect to a wolf’s house. The wolf said that the tigers and lion would not give them any share of food. Thought wolves were good in hunting, they would always end up having lesser food or had to fight very hard to get what they had hunted from hyenas, lions, tigers. Then the tigers and lion said, it was afraid of the humans who would just shoot them down

The insect was in a shock after listening to all the stories. As it had thought that bigger animals did not have any problems. But even the strongest of all, the king of the forest, lion and the tiger had problems and fear. Compared to their problems, the insect’s problem was lesser. Their problems were scary.

The saint then asked the insect which animal was it now wishing to become. The insect clearly rejected the offer! It said that it was happier than other animals. It had lesser risks and more options. It thanked the saint for making it realise that and went away happily.

Moral of the Story:

Many times, in life we think that the problems we have are the worst ones. Others are happy. But, we should remember that each and every living creature has its own problems and happiness. Instead of comparing ourselves with others, we have to compare us with ourselves. Where we are at present and what is our capacity. The great sprots man Sachin Tendulkar says in many of his interviews that the most challenging person for us in our lives are ourselves. Taking all our problems as challenges and becoming strong will what makes a better human being.

These short stories for kids are meant to nudge kids towards the right value system .Have you seen our Positive Behaviour reinforcement posters?


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