Short Stories for Kids - Afreen's First Day at School

Short Stories for Kids: Afreen’s first day at School!

It was a bright and sunny day, in Delhi. Everyone was busy with their morning chores. Getting ready to start the day, go to work and children getting ready to go to school. But for Afreen it was not so! Afreen was a cute little girl, just 5 years old. She was fully dressed in her uniform - white shirt and red skirt, crisp! She had groomed her hair neatly, white socks, black shoes were just perfectly fitting her. She was looking very pretty.  Her new bag, books, water bottle and the ID card of her school were waiting for her to be worn! Her school bus was about to come. Yet, she was not happy. she was nervous! It was her first day of school. She did not want to leave her mommy and go anywhere. Even the previous day, she had told that she would rather do her activity book and learn things that Her mom was teaching her, but did not want ot go to school. her mom had some how managed to convince her, to get ready for the school, so there she was standing at the door in a gloomy mood.

The school bus arrived! Her mom held her hands and started to walk out of her house. unwillingly,  Afreen walked bowing her head down. She slowly got into the bus. Sat down on her seat. Her mom shouted – “have a nice day Afreen, all the best! Just see, you will enjoy your day!”

Tears were dropping down from the eyes. As she saw her mother going back into her house. She held her bag tight and continued to sit silently. She saw that another girl who entered the school bus was also crying. In fact, many of the kids there were sad . At the school, they were all welcomed grandly. One of the helpers helped Afreen by taking her to the classroom and made her sit in her place. The classroom, benches, crowd everything made her moodier. She just wanted to run away from there. But then something happened! Rosy ma’am came to the class. She was so beautiful. She had worn a light pink coloured saree with bright white flower design on it. Her smile was so magical and contagious that without her knowledge Afreen smiled back. The teacher greeted everyone and introduced herself. Her sweet and pleasant voice began to comfort Afreen. Slowly she started looking around the class. The classroom was big, bright and there were posters all around. Afreen started to involve in the class. By the end of the day, she was happier.

After coming back home, Afreen’s mom , who was eagerly waiting for her, hugged her and asked her about the school. Then Afreen replied that she liked it and she wanted to go to school everyday!

Parenting Takeaway:  

This is a beautiful story to tell kids who are about to start school. They may not like to go to school at first, but slowly they start enjoying it.

Our Short Stories for Kids are adapted from folk tales, mythology and day to day to life. Hope you enjoyed reading this one. Please take a minute to see our posters 

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