Short stories for kids on courage


Alexia was a 7-year-old girl. She loved her parents and her little sister Aleena. Alexia and Aleena spent a lot of time playing in the garden during their holidays. They both played in the mud all day. They helped their mother in watering the plants and in removing the weeds.

When the breakfast was ready their mother called them. She told them to take a bath and join for breakfast with their papa. Aleena was always first to take a bath because she loved to. Alexia was not fond of taking baths. She took a bath just because her mother compelled her to do so.

One day when called for breakfast, as usual, Aleena was first to take a bath, but today Alexia somehow wanted to skip the bathing routine. Alexia joined them for breakfast without taking a bath. When asked by her mother, she said to excuse her for the day.

Her parents discussed the importance of cleanliness to their children. Alexia was not interested in the conversation. She nodded her head. The next day Alexia woke up with a stomach ache. Her mother took her to the doctor.

The doctor gave her a medicine for worms, which has caused the stomach ache. Alexia didn’t like medicines, since they were always bitter. The doctor told Alexia to take the medicines and also to maintain hygiene. She also explained how playing in the mud would cause worms to grow in her stomach, if she ate with unwashed hands.

Alexia went back home. Her mother insisted on having the medicine to feel better. Alexia took the medicine bottle to the garden and she hid it under the mud. She had a dog named Bobby. Bobby dug out the bottle and brought it back to her. Then she hid it in the bird’s nest, which was in her garden. The bird brought back the medicine to her. Then she hid the medicine in a coop. the hen brought back the medicine to her.

Alexia was fed up. Her mother asked whether she had drunk her medicine. Alexia replied she was trying to drink it, but didn’t have the courage to do so. Her mother wanted to help with a small story about courage. The story was about her Bobby dog when it was a little puppy. Mother said that one day when she took Bobby for a walk, she met her friend on the way and while talking to her, she let loose Bobby’s leash and he ran away. She ran behind the puppy but could not catch it.

That day on the streets Bobby was encountered by many street dogs. They chased him and wanted to harm him. But Bobby managed to escape from them. He was very courageous. After two days Bobby returned home, hungry and tired, but with lots of courage.

The story motivated Alexia. She took her medicine bottle poured the medicine into a spoon and drank it without making a fuss. Her mother appreciated Alexia for showing the courage to face the situation. Alexia felt much better after drinking the medicine.


Anyone’s dream can come true, if one has the courage to pursue it. Face all situations with courage.

About the Author:

Saffura is a mother of 3 and has been involved with early childhood education for the last 2 decades . She writes kids stories in her spare time

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