short stories for kids on Cleanliness


Mimi loves to play with her toys. She has many toys, books and crayons gifted by her parents on various occasions. Mimi keeps her rooms messy. She seldom cleans her room. She loves to read books. One day when searching for a particular book, she couldn’t find it.

She called her mom to help her find it. Her mom came to help her. She saw the room was messy as usual. She wanted Mimi to understand the importance of cleanliness. She taught Mimi how to clean her room. She took the books and kept them on the shelf. She placed the toys in the toy box. She kept the crayons in the drawer. She made the bed.

Mom found Mimi’s book, which she had been searching for before. Mimi thanked her mom for finding it. “Look how clean the room is now”, Mom told Mimi. She also added, “By keeping the room clean you can easily find your stuff by keeping it in the appropriate place.”

Mimi was thrilled and delighted to see her clean and tidy room. Her mom told Mimi to clean the room daily as she taught her today. Mimi agreed to do so. The next day Mimi was searching for her toy duck. She searched all around, but couldn’t find it.

She remembered what her mom taught her. As she started cleaning, she found her old diary. She was happy to find it after a long time. She started writing and forgot all about cleaning. Her mother visited her room and found it to be messy. She asked Mimi to clean it as she taught her. Mimi replied that she was cleaning but, as she found her lost diary she forgot all about cleaning.

Mimi started cleaning her room once again. As she was cleaning, she found her red crayon. She happily took her colouring book and started colouring. She forgot her cleaning project. After a while, her mom came to check on her and found her colouring. She reminded Mimi of her task and went off.

Mimi started cleaning and this time she found her teddy, which she thought was lost. She played with her teddy merrily. Suddenly she remembered her task and she started tidying her room right away. She placed the books back on the shelf, toys in the toy box, and crayons in the draw and finally made her bed.

When she saw her room so clean and tidy and the fact that she did it all by herself gave her a sense of satisfaction. She ran to call her mom. Her mom came to see her room and was delighted to know that Mimi managed to clean it all by herself. She appreciated Mimi and asked her how she felt after cleaning.

Mimi said that she felt very happy after cleaning her room and she wished to keep it clean every day. Mom kissed Mimi. She was assured that Mimi had learnt the valuable lesson of cleanliness.


Cleanliness is an essential part of a happy and healthy life. A clean environment can boost self-confidence. Cleanliness should be practised regularly as a habit. Keeping ourselves and the environment clean should be the aim of every individual.

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Saffura is an early childhood educator and a story teller

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