Short Stories for kids on thinking before applying a solution

There live a king frog in a well. His subjects, as well as other relatives, lived in the same well. The relatives were jealous of his reign and frequently caused issues for King Frog. There was soon an uprising against King Frog. He pacified the frogs by showering them with gifts. But he was dissatisfied. He resolved to get his vengeance and teach them the lesson of their lives.

King Frog emerged from the well one day, aided by iron chains hung on the well's walls. He went directly for the hole of a large black king cobra he had spotted earlier.

King Frog shouted out to the king cobra from a safe distance. The serpent was taken aback when he heard the King knock on his door. He emerged from the hole.

"I'd like to be your friend," King Frog said.

"But we are enemies from birth." "cobras eat frogs," he said, "so how can we be friends?"

King Frog explained his strategy to the cobra, telling him that he wished to teach his relatives a lesson. "I want to punish them for their rebellion against me." I'll take you to the well, and you can eat all of them."

"Is it a dry well?" the cobra inquired.

"There isn't much water in it," King Frog observed. "However, you should not be concerned. There's a conveniner hole in the well's wall, just above the water level. You may devour my family and enter it to rest."

"All right, lead me to the well." "I'll teach your relatives a lesson," hissed the cobra

King Frog led the cobra to his well and said, "You can eat my enemies, but please spare my near and dear ones."

"All right," murmured the cobra as he followed King Frog into the well. There he began devouring the frogs one by one, as directed by King Frog. The serpent quickly devoured all of King Frog's adversaries.

A few days passed. The cobra was ravenous. The only frogs left in the well were King Frog and his family. "I have finished eating all the rebels," the serpent remarked to King Frog. I've also eaten your traitorous minister. Now I have nothing to eat but you and your family."

King Frog realized his blunder. He and his wife quickly jumped out of the well and never returned to the well again

They lived the rest of the life as paupers begging for food

Moral of the story:

When we are in a group, there will always be a few problems with a few individuals. We should learn to solve the problems by dialogue. The frog made a huge mistake by making an alliance with a known enemy

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