Short stories for kids from Lord Krishna's life

1. Krishna Destroys the Bow

Kans was furious when he returned to court. He yelled at his ministers that he would leave no stone unturned in order to kill the two brothers. After killing Kuvalayapida, Krishna and Balrama took the elephant's tusks on their shoulders and arrived at the site of Kans's dhanur yagya. An gigantic bow was erected on a pedestal to demonstrate Kans's might. Krishna went ahead and picked up the bow when he saw it. The guards, however, stopped him. The guards and the brothers got into a battle, and the guards were severely battered. 


Krishna then walked onto the platform, grasped the hefty bow in his hand, and bent it effortlessly. A thundering roar was heard as the bow snapped. The boom was so loud that it reached Kans' ears in his chamber, which was kilometers distant.

The sound was a strong indication to Kans that Devki's eighth kid had come and that his death was nigh. Kans even dispatched an army of warriors to kidnap Krishna in despair, but they were destroyed after a terrible fight. Kans's fear of Krishna got stronger as a result.

2. Krishna assassinates Kans

Kans, on the advice of his advisors, dispatched the formidable warriors Mushtika and Chanura to assassinate Krishna. Mushtika and Chanura were quickly vanquished by the two brothers after a tough struggle. Kans, meantime, was restless in the palace. He couldn't stand it any longer and dashed to the arena.

But he was surprised to see Krishna and Balrama defeat his strongest troops. The people of Mathura were screaming Krishna's name and praising him. Kans attempted to flee in terror. He hurried around the arena, trying to discover a space through which he might flee. But the people of Mathura surrounded the arena, making it impossible for Kans to flee. 


Krishna jumped on Kans and grabbed him. Kans made an attempt to rescue himself. But Krishna's grip on me was like a death grip. Krishna tightened his grip further more. Kans was having trouble breathing. He could feel his lungs bursting. Krishna finally jerked his head back. Kans breathed his last and died on the earth. The sky parted and flowers fell from the heavens. Mathura's residents could finally smile again after a long period. They let out a communal sigh of relief and gladness.

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