Short stories for kids from the Inuit tribes

How the Sun and Moon Were Created

Do you ever wonder how the moon and sun came to be? The Alaskan Inuit have a hypothesis.

They recount a story about a lovely young lady. She was quite pleasant. Her sibling, on the other hand, was a cruel young child. He made a suggestion one day. "We should go out to a party," he said. The girl agreed. First and foremost, she needed to prepare. She dressed in good clothing and adjusted her hair. This took a significant amount of time. But the girl worked hard and was soon successful. She was stunning.

They went to the party together. The girl was having a good time. She later entered the restroom. Suddenly, the lights went out! Someone snatched her hair and ripped her garments. She bolted from the restroom. She was curious as to who had done this to her.

Then she had an inspiration. She restyled her hair. It was much more gorgeous this time. She even balanced lovely gems in it. She hoped to persuade the individual to take it again. She rubbed black mud through her hair. The goal was to apprehend the individual.

She went to the restroom again, and the same thing happened. Someone grabbed her hair as the lights went out. His hand was dark as he let go. The girl went back to the party. She was aware that there was only one individual with a black hand. He was quite familiar to her when she saw him. It had to be her brother!

He bolted into the woods. The girl pursued him. They were each carrying fire in order to see in the dark. The smoke was released into the atmosphere. They grew as they ran. They grew to be enormous. They then took off into space. When the girl's fire died, she hung in the sky. Her brother became the sun, while she became the moon. They will never stop chasing each other.

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