Short stories for kids on Vanity

Rose of Proud

Once upon a time, in a faraway desert, there was a rose that was quite proud of her lovely appearance. Her only issue was that she was growing close to an unsightly cactus.
Every day, the lovely rose would taunt and mock the cactus for his appearance, while the cactus kept silent. The other plants attempted to persuade the rose, but she was too seduced by her own beauty.

The desert dried up during a sweltering summer, leaving little water for the vegetation. The rose began to fade swiftly. Her lovely petals withered and lost their vibrant color.

When she looked at the cactus, she noticed a sparrow drop his beak into it to take some water. Despite her embarrassment, the rose requested the cactus for some water. The helpful cactus quickly consented, assisting them both as companions through the difficult summer.

Moral of the story

Never judge someone based on their appearance.

A Peacock

It is thought that the peacock did not always have the lovely feathers with which he is now so proud.

He was speaking to the goddess Juno, who adored him, one day. He lamented to her that he was bored of being like other birds and requested her to give him a magnificent train of feathers to distinguish him. He strutted triumphantly among the other birds, flaunting his magnificent tail of brilliant colors. They were all jealous, including the pheasant, which had previously been the most attractive bird.

Later, the peacock noticed an eagle soaring high in the azure sky and felt compelled to join him. Lifting his wings, he attempted to fly away, but his gorgeous tail pulled him down! He couldn't fly like other birds anymore, so he had to stroll about on the ground like a regular chicken!

And the lesson of the story is that you should not give up your independence in order to appear nice and impress others.

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