Short Stories for Kids on listening to wisdom

Stupid Monkeys

There used to be a very big, deep, and gloomy forest, dating back several centuries. A troop of primates made their way into the forest. The monkeys had to work very hard to survive the really cold evenings throughout the winter. To stay warm, they were searching for fire.

They thought a firefly was a dab of fire when they spotted it one night. The bunch of monkeys said, "Fire, Fire, Fire, Yeah we got fire!"


The firefly managed to escape from the grasp of two monkeys. They were disappointed that the fire did not spread. They were telling themselves that without the fire, they would not be able to survive in the cold.

They noticed a lot of fireflies again the next evening. The monkeys were able to capture a few fireflies after many tries. They attempted to blow fireflies by placing them in a hole they had made in the ground.

They blew fiercely at the bugs without realizing they were flies!


An owl was observing the monkeys' activity. When the owl arrived, it informed the monkeys, "Hey, those are not fire!" They're flies. It won't be able to produce fire for you!

The owl was laughed at by the monkeys. "Hey old owl, you don't know how to make fire," a monkey said to the owl. Please don't bother us!


Once more, the Owl admonished the monkeys to halt their stupid behavior. You can't conjure fire out of flies, monkeys! Hear what I have to say, please.

The monkeys attempted to use the insects to start a fire.

Once more, the Owl warned them to cease their stupid behavior. "Go take refuge in a nearby cave; you are in so much pain." It's possible to protect oneself from the bitter cold! There won't be any flames!

The owl fled the area when one of the monkeys yelled at it.


After several hours of this silly behavior, the monkeys were almost completely asleep. They were so exhausted that they recognized the owl was right when he said they were trying to blow a fly.

They sought refuge in the cave and made their way out of the bitter cold.


Moral of the story: Before acting on something its good to listen to diverse opinions


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