Short Stories for Kids on Contentment and Communication

Short Story One : Two kings who communicated

Long ago, somewhere in the northern part of India, there was a big forest. To the one end of the forest, there was a small kingdom which was ruled by a king and he had a young son called Rajdeep. To the other end of the forest, there was another small kingdom ruled by a king called Jaideep. Though both the kingdom were small, there were rich in natural resources. More or less, both the kingdoms shared many things in common.

One sunny morning, Jaideep decided to go hunting in the forest. He went pretty deep into the woods. He  stopped at a riverside to freshen up. To his surprise, he saw Rajdeep, the king of the neighbouring kingdom! He was sitting alone and seemed like he was lost into his deep thoughts. They both were almost of the same age. They did not personally have any rivalry though they belonged to different kingdoms. So, even without giving a second thought, Jaideep approached him. Rajdeep had certainly not expected Jaideep. But, he also greeted him with a welcome.

Rajdeep offered some snacks, within a few minutes, they started talking. While chatting, Rajdeep mentioned that his father was slowly mending him towards the role of the king. He has been given many responsibilities. He is also given a task which is bothering him as he is not able to fulfil. He continued – he said that his father had asked him to find out whether the people of their kingdom was happy; for which he did not know the answer. Even if he asked the people they would reply positively. Who will dare to complain about any wrong happenings in the city to the prince himself? Jaideep also thought for a while, the task looked interesting for him too.  Jaideep said that he could disguise himself as an ordinary man, try to make friends with ordinary people and discuss about general government affairs!  The idea was liked by Rajdeep. He added that he would meet different people in different places like markets, community centres, religious places, etc to find out whether everything is running according to the rules and regulations. Also, he could collect pros and cons.They both immediately decided to carryout the same activity in their respective kingdoms to find out the actual state of affairs. Both thanked each other and also promised to be in touch as good friends!

Parenting Takeaway:

Did you know? In the olden days good kings really used to disguise themselves to find out whether, the officers and administrators were performing their duties! This is also a great story to show how discussions and conversation, even between rivals can be very fruitful for great ideas.

Short Story Two: Who was the happiest of all?

Sam was a sweet boy studying in grade 5. He was always charming and happy. He was an average student but polite, hardworking and was a good cricket player. He had a set of 5 best friends.

One day, the teachers announced that they are going to conduct a special activity in the school on the following Saturday. The kids were all excited.

On that Saturday, everyone assembled in the program hall of the school. The hall was converted into a big play area and was divided into different sections. Sam and his friends were overloaded with joy after having a look at it. The principal announced that they were about to play a game to find out who was the happiest kid in the Primary school! she said, that the hall was divided into 4 sections. Everyone had to pass through all the sections, they will have 5 minutes of time to pass each section and were free to grab what ever they wished to have! Finally, whoever carried the thing which made them happy were supposed to be the winner! They were all given a small bag also.

The kids were confused at the beginning, but as they started moving through the sections, they were thrilled. In the first section, there were brand new packs of pencils erasers, sharpeners, pencil boxes and pencil pouches of all possible colours and designs. The kids just jumped over it. They picked many of them! then they moved to the next section, there it was colour pencils, crayons, paint boxes! Then there were heaps of wonderful books in the third and then the fourth was filled with cookies, cakes, sweets. After arriving at the fourth section, the kids’ hands were full! Their bag was also full! they had to drop back a few things to collect their favourite sweets.

At the end the principal asked, if the kids could collect everything they wished. Most of them replied with a “NO”!. Some needed some more time, while others needed some more bags!.

Surprisingly, Sam’s bag was not full at all! Everyone was shocked. Sam said that he collected only the things he needed. This answer shook many, including the teachers and everyone applauded and appreciated Sam for showing such maturity and contentment!

Moral of the Story:

There is no end for our desires. Especially when we have choices. But we should have the feeling of contentment. Else we will be never satisfied with what we have!

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Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 

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