Fun Fact - How cool is this Moustache

Inca Terns are best known by their dashing white mustaches, which are found on both male and female birds. These birds have a black head, neck and wings with a white underbelly as well as a long thin black bill and how cool is this Moustache.The length of the moustache indicates the health of this bird . The longer the moustache, healthier the bird.

The bird is named Inca Tern because it inhabits the same range that the ancient Inca empire once ruled. Terns sometimes eat insects, but the bulk of their diet consists of crustaceans and small fish, which they catch by diving through the air and plunging into the water. Terns are gregarious birds and breed colonially, usually on the ground on islands. Sometimes they form breeding colonies of millions of individuals. Most species lay two or three eggs, although a few species lay only one egg. In some parts of the world tern eggs are gathered for human consumption.

The Inca tern is a bird with a black head and body, white underparts, and a long orange bill. The beak of the Inca tern is shorter and more pointed than that of the gulls. They are most often seen on the coast of Peru, but they can also be found in other coastal areas like Chile.

Photo credos: justbirding

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