Ancients - Barbarika (Grand Son of Bheema)

From Annals of history we bring you this lesser known Mahabhartha characher - Barbarika . He was the son of Ghatotkach . He was trained to be a warrior by his mother Ahilawati. He promised his mother that he would fight only for the weaker side. But Lord Krishna realized it was a faulty principle since the side Barbarika would not chose would become the weaker side by default. That would mean he would be oscillating between the two sides, leading to everyone's death, except his own.

Barbarika learned the art of war from his mother and was a strong devotee of Lord Shiva. He became powerful after he received the boonfrom Lord Shiva. He received 3 arrows from Eight Gods( Asta-Deva). It is known as 'Teen Baan', where the first arow was capable of marking all the things that are a target, the second arrow was capable of marking those that Barbarika wants to save and the third one was capable of destroying all those are unmarked from safe markings. Inother words, Barbarika was capable of killing everyone with the
release of his three arrows. It is because of this immense sense, that his mother made him promise to side the weak.

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