Screen Time Free Ideas


We are all indoor now due to the pandemic and need to keep our kids indoor as well. Here are some simple ideas to occupy them

Schedule it

The best way to reduce screen time in kids is to create a schedule and stick with it. Kids are creatures of habit if they know that they will get leisure screen time for half an hour in the afternoon, it will set their mind also at ease

Books are so much more 

Set aside some time for reading to kids everyday. It could be just before bed or after lunch. But ensure you follow the routine everyday. Older kids can read by themselves

Book related activities. Every Book provides amazing opportunities to create your own book related activities. 

For Kids aged below 5, a great activity would be to copy the illustrations in their drawing books. 

For kids older than 5, you can ask kids to imagine their favourite character or scene and ask them illustrate it.

Book quizzes are amazing conversation builders. Kids can take time preparing the quiz and have a family quiz contest.

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Move More: 

Kids need a lot of active time. You can plan your active time with kids. You can start the day with simple yoga movements that kids can do along with you. You can schedule indoor walks at the same time everyday along with kids

Baking / cooking time:

Kids love to copy parents. Having bake time or simple no fire cooking time can double up as an activity and interest them eating what they make

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Team Ekdali

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