Cool Fact - Maiasaura

It is generally believed that Dinosaurs abandoned their young much like the modern day turtle . Maiasaura was an exception. They created nests, incubated eggs and took care of the young.

They were also among the rare dinosaur species that lived in herds. They were discovered in 1978 . They lived in the upper Cretaceous
period in North America.

The remains of an adult Maiasaura were found in close association with a nest of juvenile dinosaurs, each about 1 metre (3.3 feet) long.
Hatchlings that were too large (about 0.5 metre long) to fit into eggs, and nests with clutches of eggs, as well as many broken eggshells, were found nearby. The bones of the embryos, however, were not fully ossified, which means the young could not have walked immediately upon hatching and would have required some degree of parental care. - link to our world map in which we have graphically showcased this. Our map has monuments and Animals making it easy for young kids to remember.

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