Activity Ideas - World of Animals

These set of activities are designed for young kids who have a copy of our world map titled, “ World of Animals"

  1. Point and Teach – The Absolute basic activity is to teach the kids names of Animals and continents of the world.
  2. Matching Animals to Continents- Animals that are found in corresponding continents are marked on the map, it would be a great activity to match the Animals to continents they belong to. Below is an example with 2 animals from each continent
    1. Asia
      1. Tiger
      2. Panda
    2. Africa
      1. Zebra
      2. Giraffe
    3. Australia
      1. Kangaroo
      2. Koala
    4. North America
      1. Bison
      2. Cougar
    5. South America
      1. Jaguar
      2. Anaconda
    6. Antarctica
      1. Seal
      2. Penguin

 Whats My name: This is an activity for slightly older kids, where clues about Animals are given and kids can find out what the Animal is. This is a great game for the whole family. We have created 6 example clues to start with, we have mostly kept the clues visual so that kids can see the map and find out the animals

  • I’m one of  the tallest animals in the world, I’m yellow in color and I have brown spots . I can be found in Africa – What is my name? Ans: Giraffe
  • I have a sing horn, Im found in India and I have very thick Skin. Ans: Rhino
  • I’m the biggest mammal on land. Im found in Asia and Africa .Who am I : Elephant
  • I’m black and white. I’m a bird and I’m found only in the southern Hemisphere: Penguin
  • I’m one of the big cats, I m found in North America . My peculiar feature is that I don’t have any patterns on my skin . who am I?  Cougar
  • Im a marsupial, I jump around and Im found only in Australia - Kangaroo

Hope you have a great time building conversations around the poster

You may buy the poster here - "World of Animals"

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