General Knowledge for Kids

During the Pandemic, In addition to online classes, we have been Homeschooling our kids. You might be wondering what are the things to teach your child.  General knowledge is a good place to start for kids  of all ages. Here are some ideas for you to build general knowledge in young learners. Most of these ideas require a little effort from the parent. We always tend to recommend ideas that dont use the screen.

  1. General Knowledge Books: The first and most obvious idea is to buy general knowledge books from a bookstore. For very young kids, you can buy picture books.
  2. Summary Sheets: If you are out of budget, no matter. You can pick a topic, e.g.: Animals of India. Create summary sheets for your kids. If the kids are young then adding a picture with the summary will be very useful.  The summary can be 3 to 10 lines depending on the age of the kid. You can print them and spend time reading to the kid from that. You can also keep a small spot on the wall reserved for these and stick them. These becomes  nice wall stickers for kids room. Children learn very visually, so if they keep looking at the picture and the content daily, they will pick up the facts very quickly.                  
  3. Picture Talk: Make it interesting. General Knowledge isn’t just about learning countries and capitals. It is about awareness  about ones environment and day to day activities. Ask the kid to draw a scene depicting something that they see everyday. Once the drawing and colouring are done. Ask them to describe what they have drawn. This is a great way to make learning a joy and relevant.
  4. Our Concept Posters: Our Posters are designed with a great balance of pictures and content.  They make Great Wall stickers for kids room . You can also use it as  conversation book for kids. For example our poster on history of life has over 50 pictures and can help you build great conversations of evolution of life. Because, it has so many pictures, the kids will remember concerts a lot easily

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Team Ekdali

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