5 Inspirational Short stories for kids

1. Short Stories for kids : The Milkmaid and Her Pail


Patty the Milkmaid was heading to the market, carrying her milk in a bucket on her head.

As she walked along, she began to consider what she would do with the money she would receive for the milk. I'll get some fowls from Farmer Brown," she added, "and they'll lay eggs every morning, which I'll sell to the person's wife."


  With the money from the sale of these eggs, I'll purchase myself a new dimity gown and a chip hat, and when I go to market, won't all the young men approach me and speak to me?


Polly Shaw will be so envious, but I don't care. I'll just gaze at her and toss my head like this. As she talked, she tilted her head back, and the pail fell off, spilling all the milk!




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Two men were walking through a woodland when suddenly, a massive bear smashed out of the foliage beside them. One of the men, concerned for his own safety, climbed a tree.


The other, unable to battle the wild beast alone, threw himself to the ground and lay motionless, as if dead. He had heard that bears do not approach dead bodies.


It must have been true, for the Bear sniffed at the Man's head for a time before walking away, as if content that he had died.


 The man in the tree climbed down.

"It looked just as if that Bear whispered in your ear," he went on to say. "What did he tell you?" He replied to the other that it was not prudent to associate with someone who would abandon his friend in the face of peril.

MORAL: Misfortune tests real friendship.


3: Short Stories for kids: The Ugly Tree


A long time ago, a forest included straight and lovely trees. In the forest, there stood a lone tree with a hunched, crooked trunk. The tree's branches were likewise bent. The other trees poked fun of this tree, calling it a 'hunchback'.

This made the tree quite sad.When it glanced at the other trees, it lamented, "I wish I was like the other beautiful trees."God has been terrible to me.

One day a group of Wood cutters came from the village . They examined the trees for cutting down to make furniture. It so happens that you can make furniture only with straight wood. 


So the wood cutters cut down all the lovely trees and let only the ugly tree live. This time the ugly tree thanked God and realised that it was safe only because of its ugly form


Moral: We should always be thankful for what God has give us




A dog that was extremely hungry was there. When he went in search of nourishment, he came across a succulent bone fragment. He assumed he would return to his home and take pleasure in it. He then departed for his home. Returning to his home required him to cross a river bridge.


. As he crossed the bridge, the dog noticed his reflection in the river and mistook it for another dog holding a chunk of bone in his mouth. Because he was so avaricious, the dog also desired that chunk of bone.

He barked at his reflection as he opened his mouth to grab that chunk. He opened his lips to bark, and a fragment of bone fell into the water. The dog had to go home hungry after losing his bone in the river.

The lesson learned is to not be greedy


5.  The Egg of Gold

A farmer once owned a goose that produced a golden egg each day. The farmer used to be able to support their family financially on a daily basis by selling the egg. The farmer once considered becoming wealthy if he could find more of these golden eggs and earn a large sum of money. 


Taking all the golden eggs out of the goose's stomach, the farmer made the decision to cut the bird. Upon killing the bird and opening the goose's stomach, they discovered that there were no eggs within. The naive farmer understood that their last resource had been destroyed due to avarice.


Moral: Your resources are destroyed by greed.

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