Why Posters in the Age of Apps

“In this day of information explosion, why would you quit your job to make posters?”

“Posters, why- there are so many educational apps?”

“ Can your posters talk to children, Are you using Augmented Reality?”

“ Google and Wikipedia, have all the answers- Why Posters?”

These are just some of the questions that come my way, when I meet someone new and often times friends too. At first, I used to try and convince. Off late, I listen and nod because I believe most people are asking & expressing doubts only out of their concern for me and ekdali.The reason why we make posters for children is many folds and I have listed some here

Precisely because there is so much information driven by so many online sites, it makes sense to cull out the most important subject and simplify it- so that the child’s curiosity is kindled. The moment a child is curious about something all the information out there can be easily assimilated and the child will learn to discern what is important and what can be ignored

Mobile apps, screen time — there are numerous studies that show the harmful effects of mobiles and screens on children, starting from simple eye sight issues down to addiction syndromes very similar to substance abuse. This is why we believe traditional models of teaching and learning can do a child more good than any of the apps out there in the market

  • Take them out to play so that they can explore more , observe more and learn more
  • Make them meet more people, so that they develop social intelligence
  • Make them play with kids, unsupervised so they learn the most important emotional and social skills
  • Read to them — A great way to show love, affection and warmth
  • Switch off Mobile phones, spend time talking as a family
  • At the risk of promoting my own products — Use posters, colourful ones , and spend time talking bout them
  • Indulge in non screen activities — art, craft etc

Yes, there is an app solution to everything and technology has solved many problems.At the end of the day we are physical beings needing food and occupying physical space and that space needs to be designed to enable families to have free thoughts, have conversations thereby building a great loving, nurturing and learning environment in the space that we occupy ( Our home)

About the Author :

Roomana Basha — Mother to a 3 year old | Founder and CEO Ekdali.com | Avid Reader | Fitness Enthusiast


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