6 Reasons Why Posters Help a Child Learn Better

I work extensively with children and in my experience; I believe that children learn better through Visual Stimuli. I have put together 6 reasons for the same

  • A child sees and the child does: Easiest way to get the child doing something is by showing the child what to do, most of the times they do pick up things that you were sub-consciously doing it in their presence, for example if you are being kind to a stranger; your child will pick up that behaviour and they will also start doing random acts of kindness
  • Longer view time without getting bored: Attention span of any child is lesser than a minute, the more you give them to look and learn the more they learn and they are bored compared to a traditional classroom methodology of learning.
  • Increased interaction and communication: The moment they see a topic being engaged through the visual aid, they start asking questions pertaining to it. Questions like, why is this particular image used in explaining the concept, and so on. Teacher/Parent can engage in learning easily, rather than forcing the child to ask questions and then interact with them. Visual aid does the job for you
  • Creativity and Imagination: More you expose children to visuals,they start painting pictures stepwise and logically in their brain space. Their imagination allows them to understand the concept in an image format; a lot of colours are used by their imagination. Once they start thinking in that manner, whatever concept they want to understand, they automatically break it into an image format and they understand a particular concept better.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail: Visual aid makes your child pay attention to the detail to an extent that they by default look for details in day to day life making them an astute observation artist. They will then be accurate in what ever they do. Now who doesn’t want their child to be as observant as ‘Sherlock Holme
  • Design Engagement leads to Better Insights: A well thought of visual aid for example a Poster or a video can really make the child’s psyche think in a backwards planning format. For example, a well thought of movie stays in your head rather than an abstract idea, and our mind starts taking reference from the movie on how to solve a particular kind of problem through that movie because of its design. Before the child wants to do anything, the child will automatically start from the results to the step to their destination because of the design engagement of the visual aid.


Harish Bhuvan is a trainer, facilitator and medical clown.He is the founder of an organization “Compassionate Clowns” which helps in the cause of spreading love and laughter in the life of children.

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