What Do You Have On Your Plate?

Parents are extremely busy.

Parents tell you that you are too busy. Very busy. It can be challenging to be deliberate in your parenting at times. The "What's on Your Plate?" activity helps you uncover methods to be more mindful about the things you want to fill your life by providing a visual way to conceptualise all of the things that fill up your life.

How to Participate in This Activity

Use the front of the plate to display everything that makes up your life. Then, like a pie, create pieces that symbolise different aspects of your life. Some "slices" will be larger than others, depending on how much of your life they take up.

Some examples are provided below; please feel free to add your own.

• Personal enjoyment: family time, time with friends, church attendance, hobbies, volunteer activities
• Housework, parenting, managing family schedules, and bill paying
• Work: activities at work, commute time, training or educational opportunities

After you've finished heaping your plate, take a moment to look at it and consider what you've seen.

• What activities do I want to do more of?
• What activities do I want to cut back on?

Turn It Over

Use this side of the plate to display the items and people who help you in your life. Consider the life categories you've specified on the front side. Who or what provides assistance for that section of your plate? How do you look after yourself?

Some examples are provided below; please feel free to add your own:

• Spending time with family or friends
• Being outside
• Participating in games
• Other interests such as puzzles and crafts

Take another look at your plate.

• What drew your attention as you finished your plate?
• Which "slices" of your plate would you like to delve deeper into?
• What if you altered your licence plate?

Activities like this might help you prioritise your life and live more of the life you want. 

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