Natural Parenting Survival Guide for the Holidays


This Holiday Season, Your Family Can Survive.

This is how.

You might already feel tensions building in your home. Every day is colder, darker, and shorter than the one before it. Although the leaves have just begun to fall from the trees, your son is still wearing cargo shorts to school every day. Your neighbour's immaculate Christmas lights are already up and turn on automatically at 6:05 p.m. every night, while you're still eating the Snickers from Halloween. The holidays are here, and you are in desperate need of a break.

The holidays can be a very stressful time for families. And everyone suffers as a result. Holiday obligations add to your already rigorous schedule of work, homework, dance classes, basketball games, therapy sessions, teacher conferences, and cleaning. Now there's shopping, baking, holiday parties, and more to do. Perhaps it wasn't the best moment to start that side gig driving for Lyft.

Don't be concerned. There's a lot you can do to get through the holidays.

- Slowly, slowly, slowly: You may find yourself hurrying back and forth from party to party, busy shopping mall to even busier shopping mall, practises to recitals, or your day job to second (or third) employment as your duties expand this time of year. We become careless, forgetful, and angry when we are in a hurry. You're clearly not concerned about self-care. Spend time with your family and take care of yourself on a regular basis. Plan a favourite dinner, even if that means ordering pizza or Chinese food. Have a family game night with the Monopoly board or the Wii. Maybe just go for a walk after supper. These intentional times of togetherness, away from the stress of the holidays, will make a significant difference.

- Take note of your child's strengths: Also, let them know you've noticed them. Your children may be hidden under their filthy rooms and continuous texting, but they each have unique particular abilities. In fact, there are twenty-four of them! Did your daughter say something amusing at dinner that caused milk to flow out of your nose? Highlight her sense of humour and zest. Has your youngster worked hard to improve his C in Maths to a B? Recognize his enthusiasm for learning! Has your child expressed their desire for the new iPhone at least 100 times? Perseverance! Taking the time to highlight these traits shows your child that you are paying attention, no matter how busy you are.

- Make time for meditation: Place the yoga mat down. You have no time for that! But you do have time every day to practise mindfulness. Concentrate on something new you notice outside. That massive pile of leaves in your yard. Since November 1st, your neighbour's immaculate decorations have been up. Your one-of-a-kind perspective of the strip mall through the newly cleared trees. How do they appear? What do you think it sounds like? What colours are you seeing? Consider your son raking leaves and cleaning up the yard. Close your eyes and imagine how pleasant it will be when the neighbour's lights go off at 10:05. Consider the aromas from the new coffee shop in the strip mall. Every day, try something new. Even if it's only for a few minutes, you'll receive a different perspective on your surroundings.

The holidays may be a difficult time of year. They may, however, be one of the most enjoyable, loving, and magical times of the year with a little strength, consciousness, and focus.


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