Short stories for Kids on Trust and Ego

Short Story One: Be Careful whom you trust and ask for help

There once was an elderly stork that resided beside a fish pond. He ran out of fishing opportunities because he was old and unable to move quickly. He had been unsuccessful in catching any fish that day, so he stood motionless in the water. He made a sad face and stool still

Surprised, the eldest crab in the pond approached him and asked, "Why are you so unhappy? " The smart stork announced, "I'll be leaving this pond soon since some humans are going to dry it out. I'll take off and fly to a bigger pond.” The fish and crabs in the pond approached him after hearing this and begged him to save them as well.

Conveniently, the stork agreed. He flew off after grabbing a few fish in his beak. He ate the fish while perched on a large black rock a short distance away. Then, he frequented the pond frequently and consumed a lot of fish. The poor fish truly believed that the stork was there to save them

One day, the oldest crab approached the stork  and begged him to save everyone. He was taken in by the stork as it flew to the enormous, black stone. From above, the crab peered down looking for  the large lake the stork had promised . No evidence of water could be seen everywhere. All he could see were the scattered fishbones.

The crab's razor-sharp claws immediately tightened around the stork's throat. The stork fought to free itself. The crab hung on, though. The stork quickly plummeted to the ground. The crab made his way back to his pond to tell his companions the tale. The crab was praised for his bravery.


Moral of the Story: 

We must be careful, whom we place our trust on. The stork had clearly been a predator in the past, the fish should have taken that as a warning rather than trusting the stork and losing their life.

The second lesson from this story is that one can save oneself from any situation if they are smart and think on their feet. This is how the crab saved himself

Short Story Two: Never Let Ego Consume You

A king cobra once resided in a tiny hole. He consumed little insects as a child. He began eating eggs, lizards, frogs, and even bunnies as he grew older. And some months later as he grew bigger , he began to consume a variety of smaller snakes. His Pride and ego grew with his physical growth.

The king cobra started to terrify all little animals. His pride was reinforced by this. "Now I am by far the most powerful creature" ,he started to think.” I rule the forest as its king. All living things fear me. Let me move from this tiny space to something far larger.A place that will suit my pride.”

He looked around for a spot that fit his size and position.He eventually came across a large tree. He decided on the tree as his home.

After a while he spotted an ant hill nearby.Why should there be a bad ant hill near my royal house, he wondered. and loudly hissed, "I am King Cobra, ruler of the forest. I command the ants to go right away.” There was silence. He began banging on the ant hill and tried to break iy

What a shock! The king cobra was promptly attacked by several ants, who swarmed up and bit him all over. The king cobra struggled to handle the pain and ran off to his old place. By now all the creatures had heard, how tiny ants could scare away the king cobra. He lost whatever little respect he had commanded earlier

Moral of the story:

Do not let ego consume you.

Why Short Stories?

Short Stories are a great way for aadults and kids to have converations of relevant topics.  If you liked these stories and found them useful in engaging kids, then you will love our Maps, Posters and Flashcards. They are designed to help you build conversations with kids outside the screen


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