Two Childhood Stories of Lord Krishna

Two Unique Short Stories For Kids From The Life of Bal Krishna:

Story of Krishna and the Mango Seller

Krishna’s childhood were spent in the pasture land of Gokul. Gokul is a small city in present day Madhya Pradesh.

One Summer’s day, a fruit seller was selling Mangoes . She had just plucked the mangoes from the tree. They were looking ripe and juicy.  Krishna wanted to have some mangoes. He asked his father if he could buy him some mangoes.

Krishna’s father agreed and called the fruit seller to the entrance of their home.  He exchanged a basket of mangoes with a basket of grains. In those days, people exchanged goods. There was no money involved. This was called the barter system.

Seeing that you could get mangoes in exchange for grains, Krishna ran inside the house and filled his tiny hands with grains. He came running outside and asked for mangoes in exchange for the little grain in his hand.

The fruit seller saw Krishna’s face and she was mesmerized by the innocence of the child’s face. She didn’t want to disappoint the little child. So she gave away a huge number of mangoes in  exchange for a small amount of grains.

Krishna was very happy and was jumping with joy. To the fruit seller ladies surprise, the grain basket magically turned into a basket full of precious gems and gold.Every one was happy in the end

Conversation Builder pointers for Parents:

1. Parents can talk about Barter System as a precursor system to our present money.

2.Parents can also discuss about the evolution of money and what are some of its current digital forms .

3. The social moral from this story is that, sometimes we get disproportionate results for small good deeds, like in the case of the lady. She didn’t want to disappoint the little child and gave more mangoes and she got a huge benefit because of this

Story of Krishna Eating Mud

Krishna and Balarama used to play outside a lot, when they were kids.  Balarama was the older brother. He was taller and stronger than Krishna. 

One day, while they were playing, they saw a fruit tree. Balarama and his friends could reach the fruits and they started plucking and eating them. They refused to share it with Krishna.

After a while, a very disappointed Krishna started to eat mud. When Balarama and the older kids asked him to stop,  Krishna refused.  The older kids ran to mother Yashodha and asked her to intervene.

Mother Yashodha came and asked Krishna , if he had eaten mud.  Krishna resolutely kept his mouth shut and nodded his head, “no”. Mother Yashodha got angry and asked Krishna to open his mouth . When Krishna opened his mouth, Yashoda peered into it. She saw the entire universe in it

Parenting Takeaways:

1. You may ask the child what he or she understood from this story?

2. What does seeing the universe inside a child mean?

3. Some scholar’s interpret it as a metaphor. They believe that this incident is a metaphor for a mother seeing the universe in her child

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