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Summer vacation is just around the corner (or has already begun! ), and kids are eager to be let out of their metaphorical cage to run wild and have fun. But, as you are well aware, days of doing nothing will rapidly result in a bored child in your hands. You need practical ideas to keep your child busy whether you are a work-from-home parent, a stay-at-home parent, or even work outside. Otherwise, they may be getting too much screen time, which is not good for them. As a result, we've compiled a collection of summer vacation activities for kids to keep them occupied during the break.

1. Perform Brain Teasers and Puzzles

You can discover a book full of puzzles for children to solve. There are numerous brain teaser games available for children to enjoy online or in stores. Kids can compete to see who can answer the most puzzles.

2. Read Out Loud a Chapter

Reading is an age-old activity that is beneficial to students of all levels. Choose an intriguing, age-appropriate book for your children. They can read it silently or aloud, whichever suits them best. They can also improve their vocabulary and speaking abilities this way.

3. Learn A New Skill

Summer is an excellent opportunity to learn a new skill. It could be anything from needlework to hula hooping to juggling. A two-month break is usually enough time to become competent at something.

4. Create A Comic Book And Illustrate It

During their vacation, students can work on a comic book endeavour. They can create a narrative (or choose a well-known story), write the dialogue, and draw the panels that will appear in the story. It would make them feel successful to have illustrated their own comic book.

5. Perform a Science Project

There are several simple science tasks that you can do at home by searching the internet. Many science tasks do not even necessitate the use of specialised equipment. Furthermore, it would encourage students to explore in a scientific manner. They can make notes and keep track of the outcomes. And perhaps discover that science is enjoyable in the process!

6. Keep a Record of Your Family History

Children can learn about their family history by asking different family members questions about their lives and jotting down their responses. This requires a variety of abilities. Children would learn to pose questions, listen carefully, and write down what they heard in a logical manner. They will also discover more about the family this way!

7. Ten State-Related Questions

This activity would be an excellent method to improve students' geographic knowledge. In ten questions, you must identify the name of the state. Is this, for example, a province in northern India? Is its boundary with Nepal? Is there tea produced there? This game could be played while travelling with school students of all levels.

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