Fostering the Creative Spirit - Art/Craft Activities for Kids

Summer vacation is just around the corner (or has already begun! ), and kids are eager to be let out of their metaphorical cage to run wild and have fun. But, as you are well aware, days of doing nothing will rapidly result in a bored child in your hands. You need practical ideas to keep your child busy whether you are a work-from-home parent, a stay-at-home parent, or even work outside. Otherwise, they may be getting too much screen time, which is not good for them. As a result, we've compiled a collection of summer vacation activities for kids to keep them occupied during the break.

Kids can engage in a variety of arts and crafts activities. This would also help them develop their inventive abilities. Some of these tasks are as follows:

1 Use Marbles to Create Art

Marbles can be coated in various coloured prints or tempera paints by children. The marbles can then be rolled around on the fabric. Put the canvas in a box if the child is a toddler or under the age of eight. The kid can then place the paint-coated marble in the box and shake it around.

2. Murals on the Wall in Chalk

To be honest, every child would prefer to draw on a wall rather than a mundane medium such as canvas. You can compromise by allowing them to scribble on surfaces with chalk instead of pens or paints. Because chalk washes readily off walls, they can create chalk murals on them. Allow them to do it on the outside walls rather than the living room walls so that it is simple to wash off.

3. Make a Rock

Many toddlers enjoy rock or pebble collecting as a hobby. They can enhance the effect by cleaning and painting them. You can now proudly display those rocks in your living room as an ornament created by your child. It could also be presented as a gift to family members.

4. Create Music

Did you realise you could make your own musical instruments? Allow the kids to look up how to make one on the internet and experiment with creating a musical instrument. They can learn to perform it, and their musical recreations can be recorded.

5. Press Flowers and Leaves

Collecting leaves and flowers of all forms and sizes is one way to combine nature and art. You can dry them and store them in scrapbooks. You can seek up a specific method for preserving leaves and flowers online.

6. Insert A Performance

The children may be able to compose and perform their own play. It would assist them in developing abilities such as writing and public speaking. It does not have to be a dramatic piece. It can also be a dance show.

7. Crafts Made from Newspaper

You could create things out of old newspapers instead of purchasing expensive craft materials for the kids. There are numerous craft tasks accessible online that require only newspaper, glue, and scissors.

8. paint and display your art

You can create a large poster on your own and display i. for example you can colour your own large world map and put it up in the bedroom wall.  We have a giant colouring map poster for kids. You can buy it on our website . It takes about 24 hours of work to finish the map.

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