Teach Continents, Countries, Capitals and Oceans for kids

Geography is important. Imagine trying to describe Europe to someone who had no idea where in the world it's located. Geographical location provides us with context. It's important to know where the seven continents are located and what their characteristics are. It's also important to know where the world's five oceans are. 

Ekdali Young Explorers World Map is a fantastic interactive resource for children to learn about the Earth's physical geography with this world map. Use this map to help children get involved in learning to identify the different continents, countries and oceans around the world. It makes a really great addition to any lesson based around geography and the world map, but it can be used in any topic or subject relating to the different continents!

This map is an excellent visual aid for kids room to see where the Earth's continents, countries, capitals and oceans are. Using a visual tool like this one can help your children retain the knowledge they've learned in the lessons, by relating it to the shapes on the map. 

The Young Explorer's World map has a world map, double sided booklet.So this is the perfect gift you can give to your children for this summer. It is a fun ACTIVITY BOX for kids. If you want to teach your kids more about the World Geography and General Knowledge click Young Explorers World Map

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