Seven tips on how parents can engage your children during summer holidays

Seven tips on how parents can engage your children during summer holidays:

Schedule the kids time:

We know the kids have just finished their exams, there is a general exuberance in the air. That is a great thing and some amount of free time is great. But in a week or so, put up a schedule. Schedules are God sent tools for parents. Try to get the kids to sleep and wake at the same time. Give them meals at the same time.  The rest of the time you can fill with Activities

Plan the kids reading:

Summer vacation is a great time for kids to start the reading habit.  You can get books in any genre depending on the kids interest. If the kids are already into reading, this might be the time to make a level jump in choosing books.  If the kids are reading picture books, they can move to short stories with one or two pictures. If they are reading short stories then may be they can read a small novel. You may visit the neighborhood bookstore and get the collection for the month.

We have curated a few book boxes for kids,in our website. Do take a look. These are book boxes are themed on STEM and India for Kids.

Summer camp:

Summer camp and activities area  great ways to occupy 2 or 3 hours of the kids time in the day. It is a great way for kids to learn a new skill and also make some new friends. Let the kids choose the activities they are interested in

Immerse in Art:

Let the kids work with any art form. Be it story writing, story telling, painting.

Cooking and baking:

There is nothing like some time with parents in the kitchen to make the kids happy. For smaller kids, you can help them build a full dish like a sandwich or help them pour a dosa. Make sure the kid and you enjoy the food you guys made.

You can make a ritual of weekly cake baking.  You can look up the ingredients and make a trip to the neighborhood grocery store to buy the ingredients one day and bake the cake the next day.


Gardening is one of the best ways for kids to develop responsibility. If you have a backyard allocate a space and make them grow plants in that. In case you live in an urban setting balcony gardens with a few pots.  Preferably make the kids grow food or flowering pots. They have a huge sense of accomplishment when the are able to use their own produce to cook or decorate the home

Family fun activities:

Play board games , play hide and seek, play all the old fashioned games . Do all activities that you did as a kid and become a child once more with your kid, Do Yoga, cycle, run, play badminton.

We have developed a set of flash cards that can help you play quiz games on the topics of Nature and States of India.

Watch out this space for age wise reading recmmendations soon. Meanwhile do take a look at our Kdi’s book review section




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