Short Stories for with Super Squ and Milu the Crow

Super Squ is a cute Malabar Squirrel. She is on a mission to travel through India, one state at a time. As she travels the states she sees the various monuments in the state, she sees the various cultural aspects of the states, hears stories from the state, and hears about great leaders of the state and she also meets different animals from the state.

In each state, she makes notes, collects short stories, draws maps and writes fact booklets. These are two such short stories for kids that she wrote down when she was in the state of Tamil Nadu

She hears these stories from the Millu, the crow, who happens to be the hero in both these short stories for kids.

Short Story One: The Crow and the Vada:

Once upon a time, Millu, the crow lived in a large village called Soolagiri. Soolagiri is in the Northern part of Tamil Nadu.

Millu was an average crow. He liked to perch on trees and small roofs and chit chat with his crow friends. During the rainy season he would get his share of water and insects near his home. But, the summers were a bit difficult. He would have to ply to the pond to get a sip or two of water. He would also have to forage for a longer time for food.

One of these summer days, he saw a patti ( a grandmother) and she was frying the tastiest of medhu vadas. Milu grew super hungry. The thing with hunger is that, when you hear and smell food, you grow hungrier. The sound of the vada frying and the aromas made Millu even more hungrier,

Just as the patti was taking the vadas out from the pan, a small vada fell down. Millu knew humans never ate stuff that fell to the ground, so he flew down and scooped the vada from the ground. The patti observed this and didn’t do anything,

Meanwhile, Millu perched himself on top of the roof and started to peck at the vada. As he was doing this , a fox came by and said,” Oh! Dear Millu. You have such a melodious voice, could you please sing for me.”

Who doesn’t fall for flattery, Milu was the same as everyone. The moment her heard his praise, he opened his mouth and went,” K aka”. The vada fell from his mouth. The fox lept at the vada and gobbled it. Poor Millu felt bad, but he could do nothing and left for his home.

Millu was a very persistent kind of a crow. He decided to try his luck again with the vadas. This time, the patti who was a very kind grandmother gave Millu a vada for free. Millu took the vada and flew up to the tree.

Once again, the fox turned up and started to ask the crow to sing. Millu was a smart crow. He took the vada from his mouth and put it under his foot and started crowing. The fox knew he couldn’t cheat Millu for the second time and ran away. Milu got to enjoy his medu vada in peace.

Suoer Squ got super excited when she heard about Medhu Vada and she asked the crow for the recipe.

Recipe for Medhu Vada

Soak 1 cup of whole Urud dal over night.

The next day grind the Urud dal to paste in a Stone grinder.   Pro tip: The key is to grind it for at least 45 minutes and as little water as possible

Add cut shallots (small onions),  green chillies and salt to the pasted Urud dal.

Make the batter  in the shape of donughts and deep fry.

Super Squ notes this recipe and they move on to the next story, which is from the Panchantantra and is told to kids to develop their lateral thinking skills and also as an example that if you want something, you need to work for it.

Short Story Two: The Crow and The Jar of Water

Once upon a time, in the hot India summer, the land was parched and not a drop of water was to be found.

 Millu, the crow had been flying for a long time but could not find a drop of water anywhere.

After countless hours of flying, he chanced upon a jar of water.  He was so thankful and flew down to take a sip from it. But, the water was too deep and his beak couldn’t reach it.

He was very disappointed and was about to give up hope, when he saw some pebbles and got an idea. He took the pebbles one by one and dropped them in the jar. Slowly, the water level in the jar began to rise.  After many hours of work, he was able to drink some water..Millu was happy

Super Squ and Millu became good friends and decided to go get themselves a medhu vada and a glass of filter coffee

Do check out Super Squ's Tamil Nadu Map here

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