Short Stories on being helpful

Short Stories fror Kids with Moral

Short Story One: Never Refuse to Help

In the olden days, there were not many ways to travel.  The rich travelled by horse or cart and the poor travelled on foot.

Two men Peter and Sam were small traders. They traded in utensils. Their village was famous for the wooden spoons and ladles. They would carry these items from their village to the nearby villages and sell them. It so happened, that they were not rich men so they would carry their wares on their backs and walk to the village and sell them. By evening, they would return with some money to feed their families. But, it was hard work and they would be very tired by the time they returned home. Winters were especially very tough.

On a cold winter evening, while Peter and Sam were returning to their village, they saw an old man with a white beard, carrying a heavy bag. Both Peter and Sam, were good men and normally they would have helped the old man with their bag, but they were tired too and didn’t offer to help.

The old man with a white beard called out to them and asked for help. Peter turned him politely. He explained to the old man that he himself had carried a heavy load in the morning and he had walked a huge distance too, to sell the goods.  The old man then turned to Sam and appealed for help.

Sam just couldn’t refuse the old man. He was way too kind hearted to refuse help to an old man especially because he had asked him directly. Sam took the bag and put it on his back and merrily all three men entered their village.

Before Sam could return the bag the old man had disappeared. He dropped and the bag down and heard the clank of coins. When Sam opened the bag he saw that the bag was filled with gold coins. Sam offered to split the money with his friend Peter, but peter refused to accept it and said that he felt guilty. He should have helped the old man and he didn’t and this was Sam’s reward for being kind even when it was very inconvenient to be so.

Parenting Takeaway:

This story is an adaptation from an old European folk tale. It is meant to drive home the point that you should help others and that is a rewarding experience. It also brings out the fact that often, when others seek help it may not be very convenient for us to help but never the less we should strive to help them

Short Story Two: Never Regret what can't be undone

One day a man caught a nightingale and wanted to put it in a cage. The bird was very witty and loved its freedom, so the bird spoke to him and said that if he would let the bird go, the bird would give him good advice that would of value to him someday.

The man thought for a while and agreed to let it go. The nightingale gave him two pieces of advice

  1. Never Be sorry for Something that cannot be brought back
  2. Never trust idle words

The nobleman heard the advise and let the nightingale go. The Nightingale was a bit of a practical joker. He said,” Too bad, you let me go. I have huge expensive gem hidden in my wing. If you had taken it you would have become richer.”

When he heard this, the man began to regret letting the bird go and tried to catch it. The bird said, “ You heard my advice and didn’t listen to it! You are sort for something that can be brought back and you trusted by idle words. Do you really think a bird such as myself would have a gem so expensive under my wings.”  The bird flew away. The man now knew what the words meant and acted as per the bird’s advice, eventually these words held him in good stead. He lived a life without regret and did not listen to idle counsel

Parenting Take Away:

This is a fun short story adapted from a European FolktaleThis is a brilliant short story to teach kids that guilt and regret never get us anywhere. It is also an advice to young people not head to words of the society when they know in their heart that they are right

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