Short Stories For Kids on Leadership and Fibbing


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Two Short Stories For Kids With Life Lessons

Short Story One: Bundle of Lies

Sheetal was a cheerful girl. She went to the English public high school. Because of the pandemic, her parents were working from home. Both had set up a small office- like space in their house and Sheetal was not allowed to go there as they would keep important documents. Her father was an architect. He built model houses and buildings as a part of his work. Sheetal liked those miniature models very much. She would often ask her dad to give them to her.  Sometimes, he would give away a few unwanted ones and sometimes denied.

One day, Sheetal’s parents had been to the grocery stores leaving behind Sheetal with her granny. While she was playing, she saw a cute model house on her father’s workstation. She wanted to play with it. So, she sneaked into the workstation, took the house and planned to run to the park to play with it. But Sheetal thought if her granny saw her playing with the model house, she would later complain to her father. So, she lied to her Grandma and said that she would go to her friend Vinay’s place.

She took the model house to the park to play. While playing, she accidentally broke the model house. Poor Sheetal got very scared. When she came back home, she saw that her parents were already home. As soon as she stepped inside, her dad asked her about the model house. She claimed that she had been to the park and knows nothing about it.  

On the dinner table, Sheetal’s mom asked Sheetal not to go in the park and play alone as it would be risky. Granny said that she did not allow her to go to the park but she had been to Vinay’s place! Sheetal was caught. To make it safer for herself, she said that she was playing in the park and her friend Vinay called her. She had been to Vinay’s place. Alas! For her bad luck, Vinay’s mother called Sheetal’s mother for some other reason. Sheetal’s mom found out that Sheetal was not in Vinay’s place. Sheetal was caught again! Again, to cover up, she said that she was actually in the park but as granny had warned her not to go to the park, she lied that she was at Vinay’s place. Everyone believed her, the chapter also ended there.

She could not sleep in the night thinking about what had happened. Next day while getting ready for her online classes, the security guard came to their place and handed over the pieces and parts of the model house. Sheetal was caught again. This time red handed! She started to cry. She confessed to her parents about everything. She realized how she was trapped in own loop of lies. Her parents forgave her and cheered her up.


Parenting takeaway

Lies are the worst trap that we can weave around ourself. One lie and then another to cover it up! This makes us feel uncomfortable to face others and also more than anything, it is like cheating ourselves. We may have to bluff sometimes to coverup certain things but let us not make a habit of telling lies.

Short Story Two : Leadership By Influence

Once upon a time, in the deep woods there lived a lion. He was the leader and animals respected him. They were also a bit scared of him. The only animal which was not scared of him was a cat! Yes, this cat was the pet of lion. The cat always used to be with the lion, so the other animals would not harm the cat. But the cat thought that it was as powerful as the lion so none of the animals dared to attack it.

One day, the lion had gone somewhere leaving the cat in the den. As usual the cat came out and started to wander around.  Seeing it alone, the animals started to attack it.

The cat swiftly ran inside the den. The cat also realized that it was not powerful by itself but its friendship with the lion was the source of its power. Once the cat realized, he started putting more effort to be nicer to the Lion.

Parenting takeaway

This is a classic story on determining power and influence. Often being associated with an influential group increases our own influence.

This is a lesson in leadership.  If we want to influence a group, it is a great idea to try it through someone the group respects


Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 

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