Short Stories for Kids on Hard Work and Faith

Story 1: Hardwork is the only route to success

This story is based on an old folk tale from India.

Long ago in a village, a man lived with his wife and four sons. The man was the only earning member of the family. He worked at a nearby factory. As his sons grew up, he wanted them to take up some responsibility to earn some money to support the family. But the sons were very lazy. They hardly bothered to involve in work. So, he made a plan. He went on a pilgrimage

After coming back from the pilgrimage, he called his 4 sons and said that when he had been to a temple, he met a sage who revealed that there was a treasure hidden in the field which belongs to them. To take out the treasure, the sage had given some magic seeds. The father asked the sons to sow the seeds and nurture it with care to get the hidden treasure. Believing that the sons stated to sow the seeds and watered frequently took care of the field well. After some days, those seeds became beautiful sunflower plants. Their field, which was just a piece of land, was now filled with healthy and beautiful crop.

The father told them that this was the result of their hard work and effort. When they sell the flowers in the market, whatever money they get is the hidden treasure in the land!

The sons understood what their father intended to convey. From that day they all sincerely worked hard in the field and very soon earned a lot of money and happily lived ever after.

Moral of the Story

There is no shortcut for success. Success depends on our hard work and dedication. We all have powers to create our lives the way we want. instead of waiting for some miracle to happen, we should prepare ourself to work hard and earn what we want. Indian folk tales are a treasure trove of amazing stories with moral for kids. They are very relvant in today's context as well


Story 2: Power of Faith

Long ago, somewhere in corner of the city of Vasa in Netherlands, lived a poor family of 7 ,  Father, mother and four kids. Both the parents would work very hard to fulfil their daily needs. Although the kids were young, they understood how difficult their situation was.

It was Christmas time, every where there were celebrations. Lights were glowing in all the streets, Christmas tree, candles and decorations were found everywhere. Cakes, candies, Christmas dishes were a common sight in every house and restaurant. All the kids wore their best dress and were joyfully enjoying their Christmas treats. But unfortunately, the little kids from the poor family did not have any treats. The kids decided to pray the lord!

It was Christmas eve. In the morning the whole family went to the church. While coming back they bought a small cake and only a few things to celebrate the festival. After the evening prayer, the kids said that they would like to continue their prayers and come back after sometime. The parents smiled and agreed.

All the 4 of then sat at the attic, lighted a candle and started praying to God to help them come out of their situation. Half an hour passed, one hour passed. It was dinner time. Their parents called them down, they did not come. It was almost midnight, how much ever the parents forced them, they did not come down. The whole night they prayed the lord.

On Christmas morning,  they got ready and went to church for prayers. After having delicious lunch at the church, they were returning home. Their usual road was covered with snow. They took another road to go home. This road was quite lonely. While walking they saw something under a tree. it was a big bag. They felt something was unusual. The parents checked the bag, to their shock, there was a small baby! They were taken aback! They rushed to the police station and narrated the incident. seeing the baby, the police realsied  that baby belonged to a royal family of the town. Some wicked person had stolen it to raise money. The police informed the royal family. They immediately came to the station and were delighted to see their baby alive. They extended their countless gratitude and thanks to the poor family.

They took out a gold chain with a diamond pendent and precious stones and gave it to the poor family. The poor family refused to take it. But the royal family said that they prayed to the Lord, the whole night and promised Him that they would give away the most precious thing that they had if they got their baby baxk on the day of Christmas. So, it was for the sake of Lord that they are doing this. The children were shocked to hear this as the previous day, the children had also prayed the lord to give them something precious which would wade away their poverty, but only in return for a good deed on the day of Christmas!

Lord had answered both of their prayers!

Moral of the Story

Faith in a supreme being is a corner stone to building resillience in kids. It doesn’t matter what the faith is or which religion, as long as the kids are able to pray and ask for help.

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Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 


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