Short Stories On Important Social Skills

Short Story 1 : Think before you speak!

Long ago in a small town, there was a colony of houses. There were around 50 houses. One day a new family shifted to the colony. They were setting up their house. A lady by name Manju who was residing in the next door was observing them as they cleaned their balcony door. Manju started to comment on the way they were cleaning. she said to herself - “Look, they are cleaning it poorly. They have to learn from me”.  She went into their house as if lending them a helping hand. She went into their drawing room and commented looking at the sofa set, “the sofa set is not at all good! Ours is much better and cozy” she entered the dining room and said, “Oh God, you don’t have a dining table? where will you have your lunch? Our wooden dining table with glass top is amazing”.

While setting up the kitchen, she said “uff! the utensils are maintained poorly. You don’t have proper utensils and whatever you have is not of a good quality”.  The neighbours didnt react to any of her comments. Instead, they accepted it and said that they had plans to renovate the house afterwards and they would probably buy new things then. Manju came back home and continued to pass comments on them with her family members too.

In the afternoon, the lady from the next door came to Manju and asked for a cup of curds which would help her to prepare a dish. Manju called her inside her kitchen and opened the cupboard to take out a utensil. Out came 3 cockroaches along with a bunch of flies!

Manju felt very embarrassed. She just could not face the lady.  The other lady smiled and said ,“ it is very easy to comment on others but often we end with similar issues as others. Moreover, it is best not to have an opinion about things that don’t bother us!”.  She took the curd and gently greeted Manju a good bye.

Manju felt very bad and learnt a good lesson.

Parenting takeaway:

This story reveals a fact that when we point one finger towards others, “3 fingers  point  back at us”. It depicts that before we pass un necessary comments on other or judge someone based on what they do in a particular situation, we must think twice whether we are eligible to behave in such a way.  It also depicts that we have to constantly review ourselves and mend our behaviour frequently.

Short Story 2: Importance of being self - sufficient!

Dolly was a cute deer. She lived with her family in the bushy part of a jungle. Monkey and rabbit were her best friends. Everyday, she used to meet them and have fun. She was very attached to them. Her father always used to ask her to be alert. The foxes, tigers and leopards usually came to this part of the jungle to hunt them. Dolly used to say that she has a lot of friends who would help and even save her in such circumstances. But, her father asked her to be independent and rely on her running skills than relying on others. “It is always better that you are prepared to face and fight your problems on your own”, said her father.

One day, all the friends were chit chatting under a tree eating fresh grass. They saw a leopard coming near them. They all got scared. Dolly said that they should be together and help each other. Without even listening to what Dolly said, the monkey climbed up the tree and the rabbit ran into the borrow. Dolly was shocked. Even before she could think, the leopard started to approach her. She ran as fast as possible and saved herself!

She went home and narrated the incident to her parents. Her father again said that it is her running skills that saved her not her friends. Friends are very important, but we must also learn to rely on our own skills.

From that day she concentrated on her running skills even more. She realised how important her running skills and fitness for her life.

Moral of the Story

We all are given one or the other talent and skills. We should be aware of it and always work towards developing that. This makes us independent. We should learn to face our problems on our own. It is better to relay on our skills and be self -sufficient than to depend on others.

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Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 


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