Short stories for kids on empathy

Harry lived with his parents in a big bungalow. He didn’t have siblings. He was 10 years old. He didn’t have many friends in his school. Harry had inactive limbs at birth. So he had steel braces running down both his legs. The steel braces were attached to a special shoe.

He was always left behind by his friends. He walked slowly and with difficulty. He could not participate in any of the sports conducted at school. But, Harry was a good artist. In his free time, he drew a great many paintings on his canvas.

His paintings were exhibited in the annual school arts program. He was awarded by his school for his paintings. Harry’s parents appreciated him for his accomplishments. Harry always felt lonely. He wanted a friend who could be a good companion to him in all good and bad.

His parents encouraged him to visit his friend’s place. He visited them, yet nobody understood him. He was sad for many days. Seeing this his parents suggested that he get a pet for himself. Harry felt very happy about the whole idea.

The next day his parents took him to a pet shop nearby. Harry was very excited to choose his pet. He wanted a pup to be his pet. The shopkeeper brought many pups and showcased them to Harry. At the far end of the room, Harry saw a pup which moved very slowly and hobbled to keep up with the other puppies.

Harry pointed towards that puppy. The shopkeeper asked whether he was sure. He also added that the puppy could not run or play like other puppies as his limbs were inactive. Harry rolled up his trousers to show his steel braces on both his legs. The shopkeeper was astonished by seeing this.

Harry asked the shopkeeper,” Is there anyone who could understand the pup better than him?” the shopkeeper said,” There is no one better than you.”

Harry’s parents appreciated him for showing empathy for the little pet dog. Harry took the dog home. He played with his pet. He showed great love towards his pet. They become best friends. Harry didn’t feel lonely any more. He had a great time with his pet. His parents were happy for him.

Moral of the Story

Empathy is a respectful understanding of what others are experiencing.


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