Short Stories for Kids on Empathy

Short Story one - Empathy

Once upon a time there lived a girl by name Neha.  She lived in a village with her parents. once, her parents had to travel to some other place as a part of their job. So, her granny came down to look after her. Neha was pampered by her granny. She always took more liberty with her.

Neha did not understand that her granny was old. Granny had to take care of the house hold activities and also Neha. As Neha liked her granny’s cooking, she used to ask her to prepare something new and tasty everytime. If granny would not prepare, she would become angry and fussy. Granny had to please her by buying something from the near by shop.

 One day her granny was not feeling so well. Still, she had managed to prepare a salad for dinner. But Neha negatively commented on the taste and left the salad without finishing. Granny felt very bad. But she did not express.

After a few days, Neha’s parents came back. They insisted granny to continue to stay for afor few more days. When they saw Neha’s behaviour, they understood how difficult it would have been for the granny to be with her all those days. Neha’s parents spoke to Neha and made her understand that being stubborn and fussy was not correct. Neha also realised her mistake and decided to to be more helpful and less fussy.

Moral of the Story:

We should be sensitive towards others. Many times, we take the people we love for granted and expect them to behave according to our wish even without realising how they feel about it. We should learn to respect their feelings and make sure that they are also equally comfortable being with us.

Why Short Stories?

Short Stories are a great way for adults to build conversations with kids. Please check out our other conversation builder products


Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 



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