Short stories for kids on punctuality


Animals in the jungle were all set to go for a long-planned picnic in a snowy mountain region. All the animals were excited. Rebeca Rabbit and Emily Sloth were excellent friends. They were excited for the picnic. Rebecca was a very jolly good friend, she loved Emily. Emily loved Rebeca, except for one thing. Rebeca was late for all their meetings. She never reached any place on time. Emily was a little upset about this habit of Rebeca. Emily knew one day Rebeca would learn the value of being punctual.

Emily despite being a sloth, she always got to places on time. She started earlier than others to reach on time. Emily was known for her punctuality among the animals in the jungle. And Rebeca was known for not being punctual and lazy.

Despite all the odds Emily and Rebeca remained good friends. They remained together in all good and bad times. All jungle animals were excited about their picnic and started planning for the same, a week before.

The wise man of the Jungle Ori the Orangutan, started booking tickets in a trian for their mountain journey. He announced the date and time of their journey to all the animals. He insisted everyone to be on time at the station. All animals agreed to be on time. Ori also warned that the train would leave on time, and it would not wait for anyone.

All the animals started making their bags. They all packed warm clothes as their picnic was on a snowy mountain. Rebeca and Emily too packed nice warm clothes for their picnic.

Ori, one day before the picnic, reminded all the animals to be on time. Emily remained Rebeca to be on time for the station. Rebeca promised to be on time. On the day of the picnic, Emily started earlier for the station, than others. Rebeca kept an alarm to reach the station on time. Somehow, she switched off the alarm and went back to sleep.

When she woke up, she had only 15 minutes to reach the station. Rebeca took her bag and ran towards the station at full speed. Emily and all the other animals reached the station on time and they boarded the train. Emily was anxiously waiting for her dear friend Rebeca. Ori too was peeping through the window to look out for Rebeca. Rebeca reached the station just in time to catch the moving train. She boarded the train in time, otherwise, she would have been left behind.

Emily was overwhelmed when she saw Rebeca on the train. She hugged and kissed her. Rebeca understood the value of being punctual that day. All the animals had a very good time at the picnic.

Moral of the Story

Punctuality is not about being on time. but respecting your commitments.


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