Short Stories for Kids on Courage and bravery

Short Stories for Kids in English on Courage and bravery - LITTLE BOY JOHN

John lived with his parents in the countryside. His father was a farmer. His mother herded cattle on the hillside. John helped her mother take care of the cattle. Every day they woke up early. His father started working in the fields. He and his mother started rearing the cattle. After some time, they had breakfast: boiled eggs, baked potatoes and coffee. This was their daily routine.

One day there was a storm, his father's fields were nearly destroyed. After the storm, his father removed all the destroyed crops and cleared his fields for re-plantation. Without losing hope the next day his father started sowing seeds. His father was a courageous man, he faced the problem very bravely, instead of worrying. John was amazed by this act of his father.

Summer days were back. John and his mother were grazing the cattle. All the ponds in the village were nearly dry. Since there was not much water to drink for the cattle, he and his mother took the cattle to the other side of the mountain, in search of water.

After walking for a long time in the scorching sun, they finally reached a pond. The cattle drank the cool water from the pond. John and his mother quenched their thirst. They saw many fish in the pond. So they caught the fish in the basket they carried. Later they rested under a tree. Just then two wolves came to hunt the cattle. John and his mother heard the shrieks of the cattle. His mother broke a branch from the tree and fought with the wolves.

The wolves were very ferocious, they were very hungry too. John’s mother asked John to bring the basket in which the fish was kept. John with great fear brought the basket to his mother and ran back and hid himself behind a bush.

His mother threw the fish to the hungry wolves. They ate to their heart’s content and left the place. John saw this act of his mother and thought how courageous she was. He was very proud of his parents.

That night John asked his parents about how they faced their problems courageously. His father brought three bowls. He placed potato in the first bowl, eggs in the second and coffee beans in the third bowl.  Then he poured water into the bowls and kept them on the stove to boil.

After 10 minutes he brought back the bowl from the stove and allowed them to cool a bit. He asked John to touch each bowl’s contents. John touches the potatoes and says they have turned soft. He touches the eggs and says they have become very hard. Then he takes the coffee bowl and inhales the rich aroma arising from it.

His father explains how the three ingredients in the bowl have reacted to the same situations in different ways. In the same way, everyone has problems in life, and how each of us face the problems differs. “Me and your mother have chosen to face the problems courageously”, said John’s father.

From that day onwards John started facing his problems courageously. He led a very happy life with his parents.

Takeaway Moral

Problems are part of life. How we react to them makes us better individuals. We should always learn to face the problems courageously.

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