Short Moral stories for kids - The crocodile , The Elephant and the Hornbill

Short Moral stories for kids - The crocodile , The Elephant and the Hornbill

The crocodile was bored. He was looking for new people to play with. He discovered none. He then noticed an elephant wading in a brook. "Ah, it'll be fun to drag him into the water," the crocodile reasoned.

It was quite hot. The elephant wanted to sprinkle water on his back. He drew water from his trunk and poured it down his back. He thought to himself, "Ah, it's so cool." He was about to say something when he felt someone pull his leg. He attempted to reclaim his leg. He was unable to move it. He was being pulled down the river. Then he noticed the crocodile grabbing his leg. Now completely terrified, he began yelling, "Help, help!"

The Crocodile was perplexed. He was merely playing with the elephant's leg and intended no harm. What was he howling about?

There was a Hornbill perched atop a mango tree, observing the action in the stream.The elephant  was clearly in pain, as he could see. He felt compelled to take action. He grabbed a large mango and hurled it at the crocodile.

The Crocodile noticed a large red mango approaching him out of the corner of his eye. He had always wanted to try mango. He had even attempted to climb a nearby mango tree but had failed as he tumbled down. Mango had arrived! He sprang high and grabbed the mango with both hands!

The elephant, relieved that the croc had let go of his leg, dashed out of the water. He gave the Hornbill an elephant salute and dashed away. The Hornbill stood there watching the crocodile eat the mango. "You want one more?" he inquired.

The crocodile realized that his wife would enjoy the juicy mango as well. As a result, he nodded. The Hornbill tossed another mango, which the crocodile grabbed and swam back home.

Moral of the Story

Sometimes all you need to do in a complicated conflict situation is to divert the attention of one of the parties. In this case the Hornbill saved the situation by diverting the crocodile's attention

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